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Friday, January 1, 2010

Acute middle ear infection and sinusitis

Oh my, sounds so scary, huh???
Yeah, I also was a bit scared hearing that terminology when my ENT doctor told me what the condition called which is happening to me after my long trip end of November 2009 to KL and Hua Hin.

As I posted previously, I was sick during my trip. After 3 days back in Jakarta, my left ear started to feel blocked again. In the morning, the blockage is tolerable, but it gets worse in the evening. I feel like I'm wearing that big motorcycle helmet which covers your head and it's difficult to hear clearly. It's dangerous to drive at night because I'm not alert of traffic situation. I use my right ear intensively and always go closer to people who's talking to me so I can hear clearly. It's so sad, you know, can you imagine what I had to do when I meet customers? I feel like a handicap.
After experiencing this for one week, I had a time to go to my ENT doctor. She examined me and told me that the inside left ear looks really red and swollen and she can't give any treatments before it normals again.

I asked what it's my condition called in medical term, it's: Acute middle ear infection, or acute otitis media.
And I asked more: what cause it?
Doctor: The flu. You were flying during the flu and got blockage in the ear. It Should have been examined once you landed.
Me: I went to a doctor 2 days after that because I couldn't stand the headache and asthma. The doctor checked my ears, he said they are fine.
Doctor: Yes, but did you go to ENT doctor? If it's GP, he may not be able to identify the symptoms of the condition.
Me: No, he's a GP.
Doctor: Ah, no wonder.

(What a good conversation. I love my doc!)

So she gave me antibiotics and other medicines (Dec 14, 2009) and nose drop to fix my running nose of the flu. Oh the nose drop is really good! It dry out my nose quickly but must apply three times a day, not practical because I need someone else to help me to put in the drop into my nostrils.
During the time, I go to physiotherapist to get treatment because of my coughing. It caused chest and back pain. Ughh........
The next appointment with ENT doctor was Dec 24, 2009. After 10 days taking medicines, I didn't feel any better... yet. She gave me another prescription with the same medicine to continue what I have been having.
She asked me to take X-ray of my sinus, to compare the condition from the first X-ray in August 2009. I asked what about my continuous coughing. She then asked me to take thorax X-ray.
After I finished at her clinic, I went straight away to Pramita Lab for x-ray. It cost me around USD 40 to get three types of X-rays.
I can get the result on Dec 26, 2009, but I only had a chance on Dec 28, 2009.

My last appointment with ENT doctor was on Dec 31, 2009.
I feel that my left ear is getting better. I still feel small blockage, but it stays like that, not like previous one. My nose is almost dry too.
I showed her the X-rays............
The good news was my lungs are fine, nothing abnormal seen.

But my sinus X-ray showed bad sign. It's almost filled with fluid, not air. Doctor said, usually when she sees patient condition like, she would recommend the patient to have surgery to remove the fluid. But for now, we must fix the ear infection first. One step at a time.
She asked whether I have problem with my upper teeth. I said I think so, I may have several cavities, but haven't gone to dentist for years.
Another fact I get from my doc: problem with upper teeth can cause sinusitis condition.
If we don't treat sinusitis, the worse is it can affect the organ in skull base..... Eeekkksss....!

So, here's the plan:
- Fix ear infection
- Fix cavity in upper teeth
- Monitor the sinusitis after overcoming teeth problem
- No flu for 6 months then will take another X-ray for my sinus so it will give better x-ray picture.
- No flu means = no stress, healthy lifestyle, go to sleep early, exercise (very very important for people who's having allergy) and stay under morning sun for 30 minutes.
Sounds a repetition from what I did in 2007!

Ok, it's my 2010 resolution then!

Picture of acute otitis media


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