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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Following up my ear condition and going to dentist

Following my ear condition, I had my fourth visit to ENT doctor on Jan 20, 2010. It was supposed to be Jan 11, but somehow I wasn't able to get through clinic phone line. It seemed busy or something. So on Jan 18, I had spare time and decided to go to the clinic and see what's happened. It turned out that their phone lines were having problem, and they still waited for technician to fix it. It has been happening for one week and support hasn't come yet? That's bad because the clinic is serving patients.
I finally made appointment.

I haven't gone to dentist yet because I always went home late in the evening and during that time dentists are usually finish practicing.

My ENT doctor checked me as usual. She said there's still some redness, so I'm not allowed to clean the ear for awhile. I told her that due to othe AC temperature in my office which is cold, my nose is sometimes blocked. She asked me to wear mask.
I can go flying but with some precautions:
1. Eat chewy candy while taking off
2. Apply nose drop before taking off
3. Use nose drop while I'm on the trip
4. Take her prescribed medication while I'm on the trip

She also asked me to go to dentist ASAP to treat whatever problem with my teeth. She said, if I don't care about it and keep the situation going on, it will be infection around eye area and even pus will fill in the eye cavity (ewww.....)

Now............ About dentist.
I decided to check out a dental clinic near my place. It's called Ritz Klinik Gigi, located in Joglo, Jakarta Barat.
It opens from morning up to 9 PM and it also opens on Saturday and Sunday.
I made appointment for Sunday morning (Jan 24).
The dentist checked my teeth. She said, there's nothing serious with my teeth. They are in great condition considering that I haven't been to dentist for 2-3 years.
I only have plaque on my back jaw area.

The small gap where meat sometimes stuck is not a problem. I just need to give more attention to it, e.g. flossing more. Dentist cleaned the area. She found tiny whole in there when cleaning. So I may go to see her again next week.

I'm glad the teeth are fine and didn't cause the sinusitis. Then..... Should I undergo surgery ???????


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