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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Providence and Grace

When I was blog walking and read a post from a beauty blogger who I follow (Gosh I forgot her name, I'll get back to you on this soon!) about this brand, I was intrigued.
I went to the Etsy store,
Found pretty lip colors and eye shadows.
I read the profile and it has its own website There was sale on the website. I sent message to Jen through Etsy and asked why there was price difference, lower price on her website.
She said that the cost and fees for her website are less than fees for Etsy, so she can afford to offer her products at a better price there. She also has a better selection of items on the website.
So go there now, hehehe

I purchased below items:
Lipstick 4 x $4.49 :
- Divine
- Element
- Flirt
- Cadence
Coconut Lip Scrub $2.62

Lip products

From above to bottom:
Element, Flirt, Divine, Cadence

Blush 2 x $5.99:
- DELIGHT Fail Proof Blush
- Pink Lemonade

Left: Delight, Right: Pink Lemonad

Delight and Pink Lemonade

Green Concealer $2.99
7 Color Stacker $14.96: Apple Cinnamon, Arabia, Enchanted Forest, Indigo, Queen Anne, Victoria, Bolera.
Apple Cinnamon is a warm and inviting color. It is a soft brown with red highlights and sparkle.
Arabia is a beautiful sandy color. This does not have the usual reddish undertones that most mineral makeup browns have
Enchanted Forest is a mesmerizing deep shimmery green
Indigo is a darker bluish purple color
Queen Anne is a beautiful red  color
Victoria is a beautiful deep purple color with hints of pink
Bolera is a deep russety orange color

Shadow in the jar

With no flash
1st row, L to R: Bolera - Apple Cinnamon - Arabia
2nd row, L to R: Queen Anne - Indigo - Enchanted Forrest
3rd row: Victoria

Swatch - with flash

Total: $50.51, free international shipping on order above USD 25. Cool!

I asked Jen about foundation colors that will match my skin tone, she's generous enough to send me several foundations samples (in the N4-N7 range) and veils :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Eid Adha look using Hi Fi Cosmetics

I forgot I have this new green dress tailored long time ago. So on Eid Adha, I decided to wear it for the first time. This dress is combined with yellow color and lots of colors decorating the fabric.
Using eye colors I just bought from HiFi Cosmetics, I dare myself to use bright intense color in the 1st anniversary eye collection.
I'm loving 'em!
Also, to apply the eye color, I realized I can't swipe because the color will go dull, but if I pat, the color appears intensed.

Finished look :) with flash

The eyes

my new glasses

Stuffs I was using.:
The bright colors is from HiFi's 1st anniversary collection:
Contradiction - bright teal aqua color
Suicide Tree - like x-mas tree green color

concentrated gel blush "get it on" -  a cool mauve

Revlon Colorbust Lipstick 005 (Mauve)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Work look using HiFi Cosmetics

This is the look I created using my HiFi Cosmetics first order.
The lip glaze has interesting color, I probably shouldn't used it for work :)
It's called NEW DREAMS - The Labyrinth Collection, is a glimmering molten-beige packed with iridescent glitter.
Picture taken using my Blackberry.

Lip Glaze

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stuffs bought from HiFi Cosmetics

So, here it is, my stuffs bought from HiFi Cosmetics sale:

1. 1st Anniversary Collection Sample set
Colors includes:
- Adrenaline

- Another Day, Another Drama
- Intoxicate Me
- Loser King
- Verge of Obscene
- Like a Hurricane
- Last Words
- Suicide Trees
- So What
- Contradiction

2. Gel blush concentrate in "get in on"

3. Spotlight Lip Glaze - NEW DREAMS - The Labyrinth Collection,  is a glimmering molten-beige packed with iridescent glitter

4. Hi Fi Shadow - THINGS THAT LOVERS DO, is a beautiful, shimmering burgundy with wine colored glimmers.

5. Hi Fi Shadow - CRIME OF PASSION, is a jet black shadow with tons of glam gold sparkles

Photos and swatches will be posted soon.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Moisturizing Socks

I've been keeping this item quite long since I received it with my various orders from USA.
I bought Bamboo Overnight Moisturizing Socks at Amazon.Com.

My boyfriend once told me that there are socks special for dry feet and those for diabetics patients.
When I saw these at Amazon, I straight away put it in my shopping cart.
I have cracked heels and very dry feet. I put on my foot lotion every night but I was always afraid the lotion would stain my beed sheet. So these socks come in handy :)

Product Features

  • Just apply your favorite lotion and cover with the socks.
  • Wear overnight or just watching TV. Keeps your lotion working right at the surface to help heal dry, cracked skin.
  • 95% bamboo and 5% Lycra.  
  • Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, naturally antibacterial, won't hold odor
  • Soft and Comfortable Feel!

 The shop has gloves too. The fabric is so soft. I wear the socks every night when I sleep.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sale at The All Natural Face

Hi Beauties......!

The All Natural Face is having sale from November 1 to December 31, 2010.
Great chance to buy some gifts for your loved ones :)


International visitors can order the lovely products here: The All Natural Face

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New products from The All Natural Face: Oil make up remover and Foundation primer

While I was placing an order for my beauty shop customer at The All Natural Face,  I also purchased some new stuffs available for myself :)

Here they are:

1. Natural Oil Make Up Remover
Note: After I re-checked, this item is a free item of October Sale.....
This probably my first oil make up remover.

Why do we use oil to remove and clean our make up?
The counter facial wash will strip all the natural oils out of our face skin. Most of these are made from water SLSs ( think dishsoap) and alcohol. We are brainwashed into thinking that if it squeaks it is clean...not true with your face. If it squeaks it is crying out.
This becomes more important as we age because the skin losing its ability to remain elastic and we start to get wrinkles. By keeping your skin hydrated in oils that mimic the skins natural will have healthier... less wrinkly skin. Nothing reverses the aging process. there is no magic pill. All we can do is take care of the vessel we are given to the best of our ability. Oil will remove any makeup...yes including waterproof mascara...

Natural Oil Make Up Remover
What Crystal writes about the product:
How does oil clean you ask? For the same reason soap works:) The oil in the soap naturally attracts the dirt particles. By rinsing your face with a warm washcloth after applying the oil you are removing the dirt:) A little oil left on your face is a good thing:) My Oil Makeup Remover is chock full of skin lovin oils:)
The process is as simple as can be:
1. Apply oil to face to remove makeup and dirt.
2. Have a warm washcloth and gently remove the oil from your face:)
Repeat the rinsing as often as needed or desired:) It does take a few days to get used to this. You may experience a pimple or two. If you stick with it with will see glorious results. Everyone I have recommended this to has had nothing but success. If you do not have success...stop...but please give it a little while before you reject it completely:) your face might just thank me for it:)...I know your future wrinkles will:)

How to use oil make up remover

2. Vegan Foundation Primer

What Crystal writes about the product:

This is the perfect base for your powder or mousse foundation. It gives a silky smooth finish to your skin that will keep your oil at bay and help your foundation to stay put. You can also set your foundation with a hydration mist if you like but this alone is fine too:) The best thing about this primer is the silky smooth feeling. You do not feel like you are wearing makeup and your skin feels softer and better than it does without makeup. You are going to love this:)

Ingredients: Purified Water, Mica, Boron Nitride, Magnesium Myristate, Glycerin, Cosmocil CQ ( preservative used in contact lens solution and baby wipes), Potassium Sorbate ( food grade preservative)

Note: I haven't used this yet, haven't got a time to experiment with other stuffs too.

International visitors can order the lovely products here: The All Natural Face

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