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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Providence and Grace

When I was blog walking and read a post from a beauty blogger who I follow (Gosh I forgot her name, I'll get back to you on this soon!) about this brand, I was intrigued.
I went to the Etsy store,
Found pretty lip colors and eye shadows.
I read the profile and it has its own website There was sale on the website. I sent message to Jen through Etsy and asked why there was price difference, lower price on her website.
She said that the cost and fees for her website are less than fees for Etsy, so she can afford to offer her products at a better price there. She also has a better selection of items on the website.
So go there now, hehehe

I purchased below items:
Lipstick 4 x $4.49 :
- Divine
- Element
- Flirt
- Cadence
Coconut Lip Scrub $2.62

Lip products

From above to bottom:
Element, Flirt, Divine, Cadence

Blush 2 x $5.99:
- DELIGHT Fail Proof Blush
- Pink Lemonade

Left: Delight, Right: Pink Lemonad

Delight and Pink Lemonade

Green Concealer $2.99
7 Color Stacker $14.96: Apple Cinnamon, Arabia, Enchanted Forest, Indigo, Queen Anne, Victoria, Bolera.
Apple Cinnamon is a warm and inviting color. It is a soft brown with red highlights and sparkle.
Arabia is a beautiful sandy color. This does not have the usual reddish undertones that most mineral makeup browns have
Enchanted Forest is a mesmerizing deep shimmery green
Indigo is a darker bluish purple color
Queen Anne is a beautiful red  color
Victoria is a beautiful deep purple color with hints of pink
Bolera is a deep russety orange color

Shadow in the jar

With no flash
1st row, L to R: Bolera - Apple Cinnamon - Arabia
2nd row, L to R: Queen Anne - Indigo - Enchanted Forrest
3rd row: Victoria

Swatch - with flash

Total: $50.51, free international shipping on order above USD 25. Cool!

I asked Jen about foundation colors that will match my skin tone, she's generous enough to send me several foundations samples (in the N4-N7 range) and veils :)


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