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Monday, December 26, 2011

Look of the day at a cousin's wedding

Yes, another cousin's wedding, Fahrino, on December 24, 2011. He married a girl from South Sumatera. The bright color is not much different from my mom's hometown in West Sumatera.

Morning before Nikah Ceremony

After Nikah, held a traditional ceremony from South Sumatera

Wedding Reception

Here's how I looked. I have started to learn not to follow the color of my outfit when doing my make up.
I still use PAC foundation for my make up. Sorry I forgot other stuffs I used. Yes, I wore my glasses! My eyes weren't fit for wearing contacts that day. I sent this picture to my husband, he said he loves it.

Golden brown eye color with blue liner for lower eye line

Purple Team

My other look for my cousin, Gianti, wedding is here.

Our journey

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