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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My facial wash products

Facial Wash Products
Here is beauty products I use to wash my face after cleaning my make up with the cleansing milk.
Note: I have combination skin, will have break outs during my period, and have large pores.

1. Garnier Light Gentle Clarifying Foam. I have used the Pure (blue package) with mild blue beads. It's good to exfoliate dead skin cell.

2. The Face Shop Brightening Rice Water Cleansing Foam. It's mild for my skin.
What it said in the website:
A moisturizing and brightening cleansing line with rice water and Moringa oil. Moringa oil known as 'purifying tree' in India has very strong detoxifying quality. People used to put grinded Moringa plant in the polluted river water to detoxify.

Contains rice water(10%) Fit Protein orchid extract Vitamin B5 complex. Its creamy and cushiony texture eases handling and moisturizing ingredients leave skin feeling hydrated after cleansing by minimizing moisture loss.

3. Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash, one of my favorites. There's no soap in the ingredients. Doesn't give my face tight feeling. And I can see improvement in my skin, it's more radiant :)

4. Clarifying Facial Soap with Activated Charcoal and Evening Primrose Oil, a sampler. A new addition to the group. I received it together with my order from Dress Green, an artist from Etsy.Com. It helps to dry out my acne without drying out the skin.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Second Gurah Therapy

I had my second Gurah Therapy on February 20.

I went early again that time, and I was the first patient.

Seconds just after the liquid went into my nostrils, I didn't get the same feeling I had like in the first therapy. It was better!

I sneezed a couple of times, and it helped.....

Again, not much mucus coming out, and I didn't vomit.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Meow's Egyptian Treasure eyes: green, yellow, gold

I felt like playing with colors today, also to uplift my mood..... So I put some bright colors on my eye lids.
I opt for Meow's Egyptian Treasure and colors of the day would be green with combination of yellow and gold. To match it, I wore dark green hijab and green blouse to work.

My skin is not in good condition now. It's breaking out, acnes here and there, and it feels irritated. To cool it down, I didn't use mineral make up loose base and powder, instead I applied BB cream and Earthen Glow Minerals Mousse Foundation.

Neutrogena Oil_free Moisture for Combination Skin
The Face Shop Quick & Clean Oil Free Sun Cream
Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream SPF 20 PA+, shade no. 2
Earthen Glow Minerals Mousse Foundation in Lenette (very light and easy to apply)
PAC Martha Tilaar Loose Powder no. 03 (local brand)

Revlon Powder Blush no. 10 Toast of New York

St.Ives Cucumber 7 Elastin Eye Stress Gel
Aromaleigh eye & lips primer
MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study
Meow's Egyptian Treasure: Scarab, outer corner
Meow's Egyptian Treasure: Pharaoh, all over lid
Meow's Egyptian Treasure: Ra, highlight (but too strong)
Aromaleigh indelible gel eyeliner in Magnetism
Revlon 3D Extreme Mascara Water Proof Resistant

Funktional Spa's Lip Balm Mint Chocolate
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss no. 050 Coffee Gleam

Meow's Egyptian's Treasure look
Awesome Luxurious Combination
Nice pigments, good to wear for evening ocassion

Monday, February 15, 2010

Gurah, holistic therapy for sinusitis

I have finished the first batch of medicine from my ENT doctor for my sinusitis therapy. During that period, I was seeking information from my friends about their experience with sinusitis diagnostic. Many said that even if you undergo surgery, there's a chance of reocurrence. Man, I don't want it! I have been thinking about Gurah therapy.

I was having a chit chat with my dentist (Ritz Klinik Gigi) while I was being checked for cavity. She's wearing hijab and religious, so I thought she'd know Islamic holistic therapy called Gurah. She doesn't have any experience or know about where the best place to get Gurah therapy, but she mentioned about one clinic which turns out to be near the dental clinic and I pass it everyday on my way to office. It's called Klinik Sehat ( The next day, I passed it and took note of phone number. I also browsed to the website. I called them up to get some information.
Why I decided to go to this clinic? Because it's combined with western medicine. They've got doctors there so patient can consult the condition with doctor first before doctor decides which holistic therapy to get.

What is Gurah? (Goo-raah)

It's a traditional health treatment that cleanses the upper respiratory tract, and which is believed to be able to cure sinusitis effectively at a low cost.
The treatment, which uses traditional herbal ingredients, including the roots of the Sirgungu plant (Cherodentum serratum), is believed to also be effective in the treatment of health problems like asthma and migraine and is also known to clear the voice; a claim that has tempted many singers to give it a try.
The gurah treatment is quite simple: Ground and mixed herbal ingredients are inserted in the patient's nose while he or she is laying down. The patient is then turned around and lays flat on their stomach.
Not long after turning over, mucus starts to come from the patient's mouth. This is followed by teardrops, as if the person is crying, and finally, mucus also comes out from the patient's nose.

(Source: Jakarta Post)

On February 6, I asked my sister to accompany me, visited the clinic, registered myself to get the treatment. There were 4 patients ahead in the queu. One patient would take 1 hour to get the treatment done. So I had to wait for 4 hours?? No way, I was very sleepy and I also had other things to do. So I decided to come back next week.

On February 13, I went to the clinic early, around 9.15 AM so I can get the first number. Alas, the therapist was attending a symposium that morning and will be back in the afternoon around 1 PM. I asked the administration staff to put me in first place, I had to go somewhere else, but will be back at appointment time. One thing I'm not keen about this clinic is that they don't apply appointment system because they are still using manual system (hmm.... I think they can still make patient appointment), they do first come first serve....

At last, being alone, I managed to get my first Gurah therapy. There was another lady in the room. Two of us had treatment together. Sitting side by side.

This lady had sinusitis surgery in 1998, and now it reoccures. She said she had to lay down for 5 days in hospital, had long gauge stuffed in her nose. Eeksss... that hurts!

How did the therapy go?

1. A bucket, mineral water, tissue paper, plastic bag were prepared

2. The therapist gave back massage to relax the patient

3. Herbal liquid was prepared, I took deep inhale three times to relax the body.

4. My head was in up position, so nose position will be up too. Liquid dropped to both of my nostrils.

5. I felt burn feeling inside my face: my nose, my throat, my ears, my eyes, are all like burning.

6. The mucus started coming out. Tears ran down from my eyes.

I sniffed, as if like having cold. Tissue paper needed here.

7. Small towel dampened with warm water and compressed to my forehead and cheeks to make the mucus easy to come out.

Sometimes I spat to the bucket. Some patients even vomits, that's why we had a bucket.

8. Therapist gave massage to the hand and pressed some health point on the palm to ease patients.

After 1 hour, all effects calming down, and we can go home.

I didn't have much mucus came out, the therapist said it was the effect of the medicine I took. It dried out the mucus. (When I browsed the net and saw pictures if people being treated, I saw how they excrete the mucus soooo much, eeewwww)

When I got home, I felt the effect was still working. I had running nose. Well, let's see if it's working well.

Gurah is good for disease/symptoms in ENT area: asthma, trouble to breathe, allergy, sinusitis, coughing, migraine, etc.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The All Natural Face: Second order

This was supposed to be post in mid January, but since I didn't have much time (cos I'm busy focusing on my online business) I decided to post today. I will use the pictures here for my online beauty shop. Why? Because I've closed a deal with Ms. Crystal Clark (the owner) to become her product consultant, that means I can re-sell her beauty products.
For now, it will be direct order from me to her, but later on after she fixes technical problem, you girls can order directly to The All Natural Face website and get certain discount!

Ok, let's continue. This time I ordered from website directly. I fell in love with her Get Started Green Kit, whereas you get samples of most of her mineral make up at very affordable price (USD 14), plus you get one baby kabuki brush.
I also ordered two sets of mineral eye shadows samples and one set of blush-on samples.

Crystal included sample of her lip plumper with three bags of bronzer at different colors.

Here are The All Natural Face's Get Started Green Kit porn (baby kabuki didn't include, forget where I've put it) :

The All Natural Face Concealers
Concealer Samples

Veil Samples

Glow Samples

The+All+Natural+Face+BlushesBlush On Samples

Bunch of Foundation samples!

Extra samples: Lip Plumper

During my order, she was working at new products. They are eye primer for oily skin, creme foundation, and the lip plumper. She has launched deodorant recently.

Today I went to a holistic clinic to get Gurah therapy. So I put on my samples today and really wanted to test the staying power etc.

What I wore (all using The All Natural Face products unless stated differently):

St.Yves Eye gel, cucumber and elastin
La Conchita Naturals Rosewater Facial Moisturizer
The Face Shop Quick & Clean Oil Free Sun Cream
Mineral Veil for primer
Base: Medium Beige Warmer
Glow: Apricot Kisses Glow

The All Natural Face's Hydrating Mist in Orange Blossom

Persimon Blush

MAC Paint Pot in Fresco Rose
Aromaleigh Gel eyeliner in Magnetism
Rimmel exy Curves, Full Volume & Curve Mascara (found out that it's not waterproof)

Funktional Spa Lip Balm, Mint Chocolate
The Skin Food Honey Glossy Rouge no. 362

After application, 8.30 AM

My face doesn't look shiny, 12.30 PM

Here's the tissue I used to blot my face (hope it's not gross)

What do you think girls?

Friday, February 5, 2010

My body moisturizer products

skin moisturizer products
What I'm looking in moisturizer products is that non greasy, fast absorbtion to the skin, and not leaving residue or can 't be washed off.
I usuall put on moisturizer after bath, in the morning and evening. That's the time when the skin pores are open and can absorb nutrition applied.

Here are products I'm using for moisturizing my skin:
1. NIVEA UV Protection Lotion
It has white color lotion. This is not my favorite because it's very slow to sink in to my skin, liquid is too thin. And because of that, I feel my skin too wet when I'm sweating and want to apply the lotion.

2. VASELINE Total Moisture
A bit better than Nivea.

LOVE this!!!! Has mild baby scent. Contains several types of butters. Non-greasy. Good to apply after shower....

4. Royal body butter from Because I'm The Princes in Mango Milkshake
The butter is heavy, not that fast to absorb, but still OK. Love the scent....
I feel a bit warm everytime I finish applying this.

5. BUBBLETUB Body Parfait in Apple Martini
Has two mixtures in one jar. The Aloe gel soothe the skin. The mousse smells like milk. Very light moisturizer.

6. Moea Body Souffle from Tahitian Noni
has banana aroma and contain macadamia nut oil, noni seed oil, cocoa seed butter and shea butter. It's such an exotic smell.
body moisturizer products

You can see the texture of body butter and body parfait here.

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