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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bath and Body Products (Because I'm The Princess, BITP)

Last week I really had a big haul. From The All Natural Face packages, Afro*Scent*ric, then Because I'm The Princess (BITP)!.
Kelly packed my stuffs in such cute way (of course, I asked for it, hehe). She included a thank you card too....
I found the shop after I read a review from Nanzy. I love bath and body products, but I need to see more new stuffs, unique stuffs. Kelly has sooo many different scents in her catalog. When I saw "Food and Drink" scent category, I've just gotta click and saw the list.
So far, in my beauty products stash, I have scent of Vanilla and Chocolate. So when I saw lots of choices from BITP, I drooled.
I shopped at her store in Etsy.Com, unfortunately she didn't provide international shipping at Etsy, but I can order through Etsy and she informed me shipment charges to Jakarta, Indonesia. It's easier if you shop at Etsy because of the convo feature which allows you to communicate with the sellers. You can also order through her own website, though. She needs sometimes to create the products as she makes it fresh, turn around time 2-5 business days.

What did I order?

A. 1 - Princess Power Pack, consists of:

1 oz. Aloe Silk Body Mist, scent I chose: Santa's Workshop

1 oz. Royal Protein Hair Mist, scent I chose: Summer Lovin'

5 ml. Royal Roll-On, scent I chose: French Toast

B. 1 - 3 Pack Trial Size Royally Whipped Sugar Scrub

Scent I chose: Mango Milkshake, Pumpkinilla, Santa's Workshop

C. 1 - 2 oz. Royal Body Butta, I chose: Mango Milkshake

D. 2 - Royalty Roll Ons 5 ml. Glass Jojoba Oil Blend

I chose : Erotic Goddess, Sexy As Sin (Karma Sutra), and for free item: Caribbean Calypso. (there was a special offer, buy 2 get 1 free)

Plus..... additional free item, Royalty Roll Ons in Pink Sugar Type.

There are items that have matching scents because it's always better to layer the scent, it will strengthen the scent after application and lasts longer.

Sugar scrub & Body butta

About the scents:
FOOD & DRINK Category
French Toast: the fragrance of freshly cooked French Toast on a Sunday morning. Lightly browned slices coated with sugar, cinnamon, and drizzled with thick ooey gooey maple syrup.

Mango Milkshake: Pure notes of Mango blended with creamy sweet milkshake notes.

Pumpkinilla: Just the perfect blend of vanilla and the crispness of pumpkin makes this a splendid blend for both vanilla and pumpkin lovers.

Santa's Workshop: Imagine walking into Santa's Workshop... the hustle and bustle of busy elves making lots of holiday toys, Mrs. Claus dancing around the workshop... this fragrance will bring Santa's workshop right to your home. Rich fir notes are perfectly balanced by nuances of orange peel, garlands of cranberry, dried lemon slices, golden spun sugar, and a sprinkle of vanilla. Subtle fruit undertones add roundness to the scent without making it fruity. Trust us... this is a welcomed holiday fragrance and a great year round fragrance when you want to feel all warm and cozy.

Fruity Scent Choices
Caribbean Calypso: This is a fun, upbeat fragrance for all ages! A perfect blend plump raspberries, juicy ripe Georgia peaches, juicy strawberries, cherries, mandarin oranges, grapefruit with a splash of pineapple and mango balanced with Pink Sugar Type!

Summer Lovin': BEST SELLER. This is perfect for those summer flings coming up! This fragrance is sure to draw the boys attention! A fresh and fruity blend of our popular Raspberry Lemonade, Pink Sugar Type, and Marshmallow for an all-around spectacular "Look at me" fragrance!

Floral & Nature Scent Choices
Erotic Goddess: BEST SELLER. A sensual blend of fresh lavender petals infused with soft fresh coconut milk will enlighten every nerve in your body! An enchanting, sexy, sensual, and alluring fragrance that will have you and your partner purring with delight! If you are not a lavender lover this fragrance may cause you to change your mind!

Sexy As Sin (Karma Sutra): BEST SELLER. This fragrance is an irresistible floral bouquet of gardenia, tuberose, sweet vanilla and exotic musk that is sure to intoxicate not only your senses but your home and inner soul!

What I've tried:

Sugar Scrub (Mango Milkshake): For me, the scrub granules is not mild enough. The positive thing is that, when I applied onto my wet skin, besides melting as it mixed with the water on my skin it changed form and cleaning the skin leaving nice smell.

Body Butta'(Mango Milkshake): With the same scent with sugar scrub, I felt yummy myself :)

The butter is so soft.

Hair Mist (Summer Lovin'): I sprayed on my 4 year old niece. She's lovin' it! The scent is long lasting and so nice, I can't keep myself away from my niece :)

Body Mist: Love it too!


Fifi said...

Hair mistnya bagus ya?
Bikin lepek gak ya tapinya?

Fifi said...

aduh, lupa nanya, boleh minta alamat mba mirna gak sama no HPnya? Soalnya kpn2 mau order di etsy pengennya di kirim ke rumah mba aja biar cepet datangnya. ke jogja lama bgttt :(

Mirna said...

Hi Mbak Fifi,
Hair mistnya yang pake keponakanku umur 4 tahun. Rambutnya keriting, dan setelah menggunakan hair mist, rambutnya jadi wangi semerbak dan lebih lembut, mudah disisir.

Untuk alamat dan HP sudah aku e-mail ya :)

Nanzy said...

I love Summer Lovin' & Pumpkinilla ;D Bikin laper baunya hahaahah

Glad you like BITP too!

Mirna said...

Hi Nanzy,
Thanks for dropping by....
I'm loving my Mango Milkshake, hehe

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