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Friday, November 20, 2009

Another Meow's haul (Egyptian Treasures collection samples included)

The package

I'm attempted to try Meow's base and face powder.
With a unique theme it's got, the fellow feline, how can I resist? It's also because I want to know the right base color for me, I have purchased from few brands. I'll compile the result of my base pursue later in one post.
Meow Cosmetic BaseTop row, left to right:
Purrfect Puss - Frisky Sphynx, Purrfect Puss - Frisky Chausie, Purrfect Puss - Sleek Himalayan
Bottom row, left to right:
Pampered Puss - Sleek Sphynx, Pampered Puss - Sleek Persian, Flawless Feline - Sleek Mau, Flawless Feline - Sleek Himalayan

Purrr-fect is Light-Medium Layerable Coverage
Pampered puss is
Medium Layerable Coverage
Flawless Feline is Heavy Coverage

And the make up will not complete without...... finishing powder, the Primp & Preen:

Meow Primp n PreenTop row, left to right: Equilibrium Balancing Powder, Premiere Puss Primer Combination
Bottom row, left to right: Crystalline Cat Glow Powder, Top Cat Finishing Powder

In that order, I also included samples of eyeshadow from Egyptian Treasures collection and several Taboo blush samples.

Meow Taboo BlushTaboo Blushes

I read in a blog that colors in Egyptian Treasure collection are almost similar one to another, so I didn't buy the whole set. I only choose several.
And when I saw the samples, indeed, they look almost the same.

I'll just do a quick post. the swatches and review will be done later on......

Egyptian Treasures

Speaking of cats, here's photos of my cats from the past

Silver Tabby CatHer name is Posi. She was with her kittens.
We found out, that her fur pattern in stomach area forming Arabic writing of ALLAH.
It was cool!

Silver Tabby CatPosi with her other kid, he's already big


deetopia said...

your cat are so cute! I have some with similar pattern, but they've gone. :(

Me too a big fan of meow cosmetics. Gonna sample some like you. ^o^

Mirna said...

Hi Sis,
Thanks for visiting my blog.
Aww, I wish can see your cat.

Go buy Meow samples, they just release new eye color....

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