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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tahitian Noni Juice's Nutrition and Bioactive Contents (Kandungan Nutrisi & Bioaktif Tahitian Noni Juice)

Taken from

Tahitian Noni Juice mengandung 89% Sari buah murni Noni ( Morinda Citrifolia ) ditambah dengan 11% Anggur dan Blueberry, tidak menggunakan bahan pengawet dan zat kimia, diproses dengan menggunakan teknologi canggih. Mengandung 230 senyawa yang sangat bermanfaat bagi kesehatan, 157 senyawa adalah micro nutrisi essensial (Super Nutrisi) antara lain sebelas (11) vitamin, sebelas (11) mineral, tujuh belas (17) asam amino, yang terpenting diantaranya adalah :

Vitamin A1*, B1, B6, B12, C*, E*, Dll

Mineral Magnesium, Calsium, Phosphor, Besi, Selenium, Seng, Kalium, Natrium

Asam Amino Pencegahan degenerasi sel, diantaranya Arginine,Cystin, glycine, dll

Nitric Oxide Sebagai neuro transmitter yaitu untuk meningkatkan sinyal inter dan intra celuler (NOBEL 1998)

Dammnacanathal Anti Kanker dan anti biotik alami

Alizarin Pemutus hubungan pembuluh darah ke tumor

Terpenoid Anti mikroba; eugenol – anti kanker asam ursolic: anti kanker
(Leukemia) anti mikroba (AIDS), anti inflamasi, anti histamin, anti alergi.

Glycoside Perawat Jantung, Flavonol Glycoside

Scopoletin Menurunkan tekanan darah, anti bakteri, peneumonia, anti alergi

Proxeronine Sangat vital bagi penyehatan sel, anti mikroba / anti inflamasi / anti
oksidan / anti kanker.

Anggur OPC, EGCg, resveratol, pterostilbene (anti kolestrol) dan anti oksidan.

Polysaccharida Anti mikroba, anti kanker, dll

Blueberry Anti oksidan EGCg, anti kolestrol

Rekomendasi Dokter untuk Tahitian Noni Juice

Rekomendasi Dokter Indonesia tentang Tahitian Noni Juice

DR. dr. Amarullah H. Siregar, DiHom, DBMed., MA, MSc., PhD.
Kandungan Bioaktif dalam Tahitian Noni Juice mempunyai kemampuan untuk merevitalisasi sekaligus meregenerasi sel-sel syaraf dan berperan penting dalam meregulasi sistem kardiovaskular.
Doctor of Naturopathy from Clayton College of Natural Health, Birmingham USA. PhD Health Science from Fairfax University New Orleans - USA.

Dr. Henry Naland Sp.B Onkologi
Noni Juice yang diberikan bersamaan dengan kemoterapi pada pasien kanker akan mengurangi efek samping yang diakibatkan oleh kemoterapi.
Dokter bedah Ongkologi FKUI/RSCM & RS. Omni Medical Center

Prof. Dr. R.H.H. Nelwan
Tahitian Noni Juice mempu menunjang pencegahan dan pengobatan berbagai jenis infeksi sebagai terapi komplimenter.
Profesor of Tropical & Infectious Diseases Department of Internal Medicine University of Indonesia

Dr. Samuel Oetoro SpGK
Kandungan di dalam Noni Juice mengandung antioksidan yang dibutuhkan bagi penderita diabetes untuk mengurangi kemungkinan timbulnya komplikasi yang menjadi resiko setiap penderita diabetes.
Konsultan Gizi Klinik Spesialis Semanggi Siloam Glen Eagle.

Dr. Handrawan Nadesul
Dari studi literatur yang saya baca, terungkap bahwa jus Noni bekerja meningkatkan sistem kekebalan tubuh. Kita tahu sistem kekebalan tubuh juga banyak berperan dalam sistem pencernaan, bagian dari tubuh kita yang paling beresiko tercemar bibit penyakit. Maka jus Noni mestinya menyehatkan lambung, usus duabelasjari, usus halus dan usus besar, termasuk usus buntu.
Pengasuh rublik kesehatan di Tabloid Senior, CBN, PT. Nestle.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


From World Noni Research Foundation


  • The levels of the fat-soluble antioxidants, vitamin E and carotenoids were significantly lower in patients with severe obesity as compared to normal weight subjects, whereas no differences in the concentrations of the B vitamins, folic acid and B12. Epidemiologic studies have demonstrated an association between increased intake of antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin E, carotenoids and vitamin C and reduced morbidity and mortality from coronary artery disease. This association has been explained on the basis of the LDL oxidative modification process, which involves the initiation of atherogenesis and its protection by oxidation of the LDL lipids. Extensive studies have shown an inverse association between CAD (coronary artery diseases) events and vitamin E and carotenoids intake. It has been demonstrated the ability of b-carotene to protect LDL against oxidation both in healthy subjects and in diabetic patients, with an emphasis on b-carotene derived from natural sources.
  • Noni is rich in all vitamins -Vit A, Vita C, Vita B complex, and with beta carotenoids. Noni contains all the trace minerals and all essential amino acids. Besides that it contains more than 150 PHYTONUTRIENTS. All this unique combination is only found in NONI. So it acts like a powerful antioxidants. So any obese paitent if taking Noni then it helps to prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaques as it protects LDL lipids against oxidation. Noni juice is purely natural, the extract of Noni fruits. Flavonoids are a vast group of polyphenolic substances; with high antioxidant properties. Noni is rich with Flavonoids.
  • A significant reduction in plasma antioxidants in obese patients suggests a so far unrecognized CAD (coronary artery diseases) risk factor in these patients. Only a limited number of studies have dealt with antioxidants and obesity. Hence supplementation of Noni to the obese patient will prevent them from the attack of coronary artery diseases (CAD).
  • Lower serum levels of vitamin E were demonstrated in subjects with abdominal obesity. Vitamin E and b-carotene were significantly lower in plasma of obese boys and LDL of obese girls. Supplementation with Noni to obese children will fulfill the demand of vita E, and B-carotene in their body.
  • Another mechanism that potentially relates obesity to low antioxidants and enhanced oxidation involves hyperinsulinemia. Physiologically, severe obesity is characterized by hyperinsulinemia. Hence Noni supplementation helps to maintain the antioxidant level in the blood and thus prevents from arising of condition of hyperinsulinemia.
  • Low plasma antioxidants have been linked to oxidative modification of LDL, a process necessary for the generation of atherosclerotic plaque. Noni prevent the oxidative modification of LDL cholesterol by its high antioxidant properties.
  • There is an inverse relationship between plasma antioxidant vitamin carotenoids and vitamin E and cardiovascular diseases. Hence Noni prevents the possibility of many cardiac diseases in case of obese patients by its high power antioxidant properties. Indeed, some studies have shown enhanced oxidative stress and low concentrations of plasma antioxidants in patients with obesity.
  • As apparent from the preceding sections of this review, obesity is a major risk factor for the development of type 2 diabetes. Therefore, supplements that induce weight loss are useful for the prevention and/or treatment of diabetes. One such supplement is chromium which is available as chromium picolinate. The exact mechanism of action of chromium is not completely understood, but it has been shown that this trace element inhibits insulin secretion in isolated pancreatic islets. It should be recalled that hyperinsulinemia is a characteristic feature of obesity and it has been hypothesized that high plasma insulin levels may be responsible for excessive body weight gain. It has also been proposed that chromium may act as an insulin sensitizer in type 2 diabetes. It is interesting to note that the chromium concentration in the body appears to decline with age. Along with the age-associated deficiency in antioxidant defense systems, the age-dependent reduction in chromium levels may play a role in the high incidence of type 2 diabetes in elderly individuals. Noni contains this trace mineral chromium and those takes Noni daily helps them a lot from not only their obesity but also from the future diabetes situation.
  • CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) may significantly help reduce body fat, and there's even recent evidence to support that it increases muscle tissue. In a general sense, what it's doing is keeping little fat cells from getting big... perhaps by blocking certain enzymes that let fat cells swell." A study report suggests that CLA could help people lose weight, primarily by reducing overall fat mass. Noni contains the essential fatty acids including Linoleic acid. Hence taking Noni a long term basis helps to reduce body fat more quickly and effectively

· In the body, the amino acid tryptophan is converted to 5-HTP(5-hydroxy tryptophan), which is converted to serotonin. 5-HTPis a precursor to serotonin, the neurotransmitter that signals our brains to feel happy and content. 5-HTP is normally used then to induce quality sleep and fight depression. It is theorized that many people are overweight because their bodies have a decreased conversion of the essential amino acid tryptophan to 5-HTP and, as a result, have lower levels of serotonin. Noni contains the amino acids tryptophan in rich quantity and that get convert to serotonin in our body and thus helps to increase the body serotonin level . 5-HTP is believed to cause a feeling of early satiation. In other words, you may get full faster, causing you to eat less. Thus, 5-HTP is believed to be especially helpful for people who have a difficult time controlling how much they eat, specifically high-sugar and/or carbohydrate foods.

Weight problem and Tahitian Noni Juice

For reducing weight, I also take Tahitian Noni Juice (TNJ).
So beside the routine dosage I take in the morning and in the evening, I mix TNJ with my drinking water everyday.

What I've heard from a user, he lost 7 KG in just four days! Hmmm, interesting.
Each day he used 1000 cc of TNJ. For every 250 cc of TNJ, he mixed it with 750 cc of drinking water. So everyday, he drank 4000 cc of the mixed liquid.

In my next posting I'll tell you how noni works on obesity.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


In relation to my high sugar level condition and also my goal to reduce weight,
exercise is important!

In the beginning of my diagnosis, I woke up early, did my Fajr prayer, got into my training shoes and I walked around my house complex in fast pace for 40 minutes. I'd find many older people during that time. I put on my ear phone and listened to the songs on my Sony Ericsson Walkman phone.

Then, I've got an offer from Celebrity Fitness to do two weeks of free trial. After trial period was done, I decided to join them, with the consequence that I have to exercise very frequent. It's not cheap after all!

I've got five free sessions with their personal trainer. The objectives were to reduce weight, work on arm muscles (biceps and triceps) and leg muscles, tighten my behind part.

After that over, I had to choose the class by myself. Because hiring a personal trainer is not cheap either.

I attend these classes (combination of high and low impact):
  • Weight lifting: build up muscles.
  • Martial Arts: burn calories, also practise your movements and punches :)
  • Aerobic: High or low impact --> burn calories or fat, good for cardio.
  • Yoga: to improve your posture and stretch your muscles after strenuous work out
  • Treadmill, choose "fat burn" mode
Exercise increases capillary blood supply, resulting in improved delivery and extraction of oxygen and nutrient substrates. It also increases glycogen storage capacity. These adaptations increase utilization of glucose, FFA, and ketone bodies by trained muscles during exercise, and decrease lactic acid production.

In both diabetic and non-diabetic patients, exercise training enhances cardio-respiratory endurance, which increases the maximal work capacity and the ability to perform sub-maximal work longer with less perceived effort and fatigue. In addition, exercise training has been shown to reduce the lipid abnormalities associated with coronary artery disease.

Please note, my posting here is to share my experience with you. For your own program, you must consult everything with the experts first.

For more info on exercise and diabetes, you can read these:
- Exercise and Diabetic Patient
- Control Diabetes Through Exercise


Taken from World Noni Research Foundation

For thousands of years Morinda citrifolia, a fruit bearing plant commonly known as Noni, has been used in an effort to battle a wide array of health challenges. In recent years, the health-enhancing properties of this plant have been harnessed and made available for the benefit of people.

This miracle from paradise has been described as one of the most important health discoveries of the twentieth century. Noni has earned this praise through its powerful ability to help with a variety of health conditions and act as a natural immune system booster.

Thousands of people worldwide have attributed improvements in their health to the tremendous, and often life-saving benefits found in Noni. Recent scientific research in both clinical and laboratory settings validate the efficacy of this ancient fruit. In addition, doctors and health care professionals around the world are praising Noni as their patients win battles against chronic conditions many have suffered from for years.

The role immune system in diabetes

Research has shown that if the immune system starts to turn on itself - perhaps the result of an autoimmune disorder - it may cause a complete obliteration of the pancreas’ beta cells or at least a reduction in the number of functioning beta cells. This then affects the amount and purity and effectiveness of the body’s insulin. However, if the immune system is able to ward off an attack, the integrity of the body’s insulin will be maintained.

More refined tests now make it possible to detect faulty immune antibodies in the blood well in advance of a person showing symptoms of diabetes. In some adults, these destructive antibodies may be present years before diabetic symptoms appear. This lag time is known as the “prediabetic stage.”

Noni controls diabetes

One such health challenge that many have found Noni to help with is diabetes. Doctors and researchers suggest that Noni has the ability to help strengthen the immune system which, in turn, can help the body maintain strong insulin levels. As a result, many Type I and II diabetics have finally found relief from this often deadly disease in the form of Noni.

Many of the effects of diabetes can be controlled. While there is no cure for the disease, studies show that by keeping one’s blood sugar as close to normal as possible significantly reduces diabetes’ long-term complications.


The miracle of Xeronine - Xeronine, the alkaloid of Noni in the presence of insulin activate the peripheral cell membrane insulin receptors and helps for the normal intracellular absorption of glucose as well as corrects the intracellular post receptor defect of the action of insulin for carbohydrate metabolism and thus prevents the insulin resistance condition in diabetes cases.

Noni the cell-rejuvenator - Noni is believed to fortify and maintain the cell structure; this can be accomplished by Noni acting as an adaptogen that can aid “sick” cells in repairing themselves. Xeronine and other nutraceuticals present in Noni may convert the abnormal inactive insulin molecule present in type 2 diabetes mellitus to an active form by modifying its cell rigidity and functional level to maintain its normal function of carbohydrate metabolism in our body.

Noni works as a ‘Healthy, Immune System Promoter - One of the Noni’s effects is on the pancreas and immune system. Current studies have revealed that Noni may help promote a healthy immune system or by either enhancing an already functioning system or by stimulating a sluggish one. Noni activating our body immune system may improve the non functioning beta cells of the pancreas to an active form to produce the normal insulin from the beta cells and also maintain a normal insulin level in the blood to the response of the carbohydrate diet.

Low Glycemic Index – A 3:1 ratio of carbohydrates to fiber in Noni juice helps balance blood glucose level. Glycemic index refers to a method of classification by which a number is assigned to foods based on how they affect blood sugar levels. Foods that contain the same amount of total carbohydrate may have a different glycemic index. For example kidney beans increase blood sugar levels more significantly than Soya beans, because of its higher glycemic value. Noni has a very low glycemic index and hence it reduces the risk of chronic conditions of diabetics

Noni might have the role by modifying our body immune system keeps the sensitivity of beta cells of the pancreas intact to produce an adequate amount of insulin in response to elevated blood glucose level by keeping and maintaing the balance of release of the neuro-endocrine signals of the brain.

Noni may help the diabetic complications like care of diabetic gangrene by its powerful healing effects and also helps diabetic poly neuropathy symptoms by providing number essential micronutrients, vitamins, essential minerals and amino acids that it contains.

Noni may also help relieve diabetic complications through its ability to stimulate the body’s production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide and Scopoletin one ingredient in noni helps also reduce the diabetic hypertension. Both may also be important factors in decreasing symptoms such as poor circulation and vision problems.

Hence it’s the GOD’S gift to the human society .

Our journey

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