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Friday, July 6, 2012

Cell rejuvenation therapy with Alpha PSP

It's been awhile since my last post. What I'd like to talk about in this posting is that I found cell rejuvenation therapy through the consumption of Alpha PSP.
That's what contains in Winmeta.
I bought this product for the first time in Singapore in August 2011. I bought it because I heard from my friends that this is very good for the body. At that time we didn't know about Alpha PSP.
I took one jar, consumed once a day. I found that it was easy for my morning routine (you know what) after taking Winmeta.

Winmeta jar (Sorry I didn't know how to fix the picture position yet..)

This product launched in Indonesia in June 2nd, 2012. I commited to myself to take the 3 months cell rejunation therapy after I came back from Surabaya and saw how we get energy instantly after 20 seconds of taking it.
To know more about cell rejuvenation therapy, read it here.

It's in dry powder form. How to prepare this supplement? Take 200ml of warm water, put one scoop of Winmeta, let it sit for 10-15 minutes, then stir using wooden or ceramic spoon.
It weighs 325 grams, for 30 times consumption. Price is USD 90. I don't mind about the price, because this is for my health. I invest in my health. No use if we have lots of money, but we cannot enjoy it because we always get sick, right?

One scoop of Winmeta is 10gram

What's Alpha PSP?

ALPHA PSP (polypeptide saccharide) is contained in certain food such as brown rice and is obtained after being the brown rice processed under sophisticared technology.

ALPHA PSP has a function as FOOD FOR THE CELL.

ALPHA PSP benefits based on the research and survey for 20 years:

1. Improve cell performance and activate cells in body organs by providing ideal food for the cells to form healthy organs. Especially to improve the health of pancreatic cell in order to produce insulin, kidney cells (especially for poor or failing kidneys), heart cells (very good for coronary heart patients)

2. Polypeptide and antioxidants give protection and amend damaged cells done by free radicals.

Prevent anti aging factors due to cells damage (nerves system, skin)

3. Reduce and maintain weight by improving the digestive cells in the intestinal wall. ALPHA PSP contains high fiber so that helps the body to make natural DETOX.
4. Optimize cells burning process, reduce the accumulation of sugar in the body. Also provides high energy to the body.
5. Have very high killing effect to cancer and tumor cells (research shows 100 percent killing effect for brain cancer cells)
6. Improve the function of neurons and brain cells, helping memory and concentration ability

7. Improve the body's defenses against allergies, asthma and breathing problems.

Winmeta is Alpha PSP product, allergy free, obtained from processing various varieties of non-GMO rice (genetically modified-free). Organically grown in Siam Valley of Thailand. The rice has won International competition since 1933.

A dose of Winmeta Alpha PSP similar to 10-15 kg brown rice. Winmeta contains Alpha PSP with 50 antioxidant alpha, polypeptide and polysakarida that give incredible effects for detox, therapy, and body health care.

Check out the nutrition facts here:

Winmeta nutrition facts (again, I don't know how to fix the position of the picture)
I started the program in June 11, 2012. One jar lasted for 10 days, as I took three times a day before meal.
in June 30, 2012, I've lost 3 KG!
I usually have leg cramp at least 2-3 times a week due to fatigueness of driving in bad traffic in Jakarta. But I only experienced it once!
Sometimes I also have numbness in my palm or my foot. It didn't happen between June 11-30.
My skin feels smoother and radiant :)... Of course! Alpha PSP has 50 anti oxydants! Can you imagine that?

And this is very good for diabetic patients...

There will be detoxification effect after consume this. For me, I didn't experience the process, but some of my friends had it. Don't worry, it lasts awhile, the body is getting rid off the toxin so it's a good thing.

I have complete literatures about Alpha PSP. Please contact me by e-mail (msprasaja at gmail dot com) to get it.
For friends who lives in Malaysia and Singapore, if you want to purchase this product, you can contact me too...

It's all about giving the right nutrition to your cells.... Healthy cells, healthy organs.
Our body can heal itself naturally when we give the right food.


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I hope u pay a visit and tell me what u notice. thnx :)

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Grace Sara said...

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