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Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Facial Scrub Cleansers

This post will talk about two of my current facial scrub cleansers:

1. Elianto Facial Cream Soap
I purchased this cream soap in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It contains green tea, that means anti oxydants.... and from the picture you can see that it green tea small flakes. It serves like the beads in the general facial scrub. It polishes the skin so we will get glow skin.The texture is soft so I can use this every day and it won't strip my skin.
The packaging comes with small scoop which you use to scoop out the soap before using. It's for hygienic purpose. But sometimes I miss the scoop.

The texture of Elianto Facial Cream Soap

2. Oriflame Scrub Cleanser - Ground Almond Shells and Avocado Oil.
I use this once a week because it has bigger beads. I don't want it to aggravate my oily yet sensitive skin. Oriflame Scrub Cleanser contain ground almond shells, birch extract and avocado oil.
The packaging

See the texture



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