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Saturday, December 25, 2010

No more cramps during period: experience after using Anion Love Moon Pads

Really, I'm amazed!
Today is my first day of my period and  I didn't feel the weak feeling, the mood swing, or the cramps around my belly area, as I always felt on the first day of period.
This is my second period after I used Anion Love Moon sanitary napkin.
I and my sister went out of the house since morning to visit her sister-in-law.
We went to swimming pool near by her house, we did home meeting, we stayed there til evening.
When I drove back to home, I realized that I didn't feel anything I felt as usual. So, this is a good condition to experience.
The first time I used Anion Love Moon pantyliner, I experienced a detox process. I was late to have my period, I discharged a lot of fluid for about a week, and I felt itch for three days down there. My friend said I was undergoing detox process, so what I needed to do was to change the pantyliner every four hours.
I feel clean now, my discharge has stopped.
My period also occur faster, from seven days to five days.

Even I don't have any abnormality (such as myoma, cysts, or cancer), no cramps during period means an improvement. Of course, for ladies with that health condition, Anion brings more benefit and helps their lives.

Anion helps to regularize body system, balancing the hormones. So if you are having irregular menstruation, Anion can improve that.
A friend of mine had myoma, she had Anion treatment for awhile and the myoma got treated. Her obgyn doctor confirmed that she's clean and healthy now.


Fifi said...

Wow that's amazing! You make me want to try it too. Where did you buy it?

Mirna said...

Hi Fi,
It is amazing!
Anion can treat ladies with irregular period, balancing the hormones, and those couples who wants to conceive, it's recommended for the husband and wife to wear Anion pantyliner. Except if they have anatomical abnormality.
I bought it from a friend of mine, of course after I saw how I got the benefit, I decided to be a member straight away :)
Do you want to give it a try? I can include it with your give away package.

Fifi said...

That would be great, Mirna. Thank you! I haven't gotten any info whether my giveaway package has been sent or not but I'll let you know about it. How much does a pack of love moon pads cost? I googled and found out that they have panty liners too?

Mirna said...

I wrote about the first time I bought it here
Price info is there too.
Yes, it has pantyliner range too :)
In fact, the pantyliner is used for daily treatment.

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