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Friday, December 3, 2010

My closing Aromaleigh order arrived

Knowing that Kristen allowed International order, I managed to buy some stuffs!
For this order, I used office address because at that time no one at home for sometime. I waited, and waited for the package to come. I checked USPS website to check the delivery status. But the status only stated untill the day of package sent out of USA.
Alas! The South Jakarta Post Office sent me a notification, I needed to pay some duty tax for that package (IDR 98,000, about USD 10)
So odd, I don't understand our custom. A couple of weeks before this, I received two packages from USA of my online orders but they sent to my office and I only paid IDR 7,000 (USD 0.80) each. That's their repackage charge.
Anyway, I had to find time to go to this particular post office in between my working hour :(
The place was far, but at the end, it was worth it.
I received many free items from Aromaleigh! I didn't expect that.

Enjoy the beauties:
Original order

Blush on and finishing veil

Free lip products

Free samples: eye colors, blush on, veil powder

Free full size eye colors

This is how the color look like


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