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Monday, February 25, 2008

Fresh Juice

Fresh juice is good for our body, especially for digestion system.
Choose combination of fruits according to your condition. Drink it at least 30 minutes before you have your first meal so that all vitamins in it will be absorbed well by the body.

For me, I don't use juicer, only blender. With blender, you still get the fiber of the fruits.

I choose papaya, plus other fruits, e.g. strawberry, apple, pineapple. Any fruits that the flavor go with papaya. Papaya makes me full, it's what I want.
Have juice in the morning before breakfast, for morning snack, or for afternoon snack.

To prepare the juice, it will take sometime.
A month ago, I had an offer from Mama Roz Juice who was having promotion at my gym. I subscribed to their Chic 'N Slim package for a month. I safe my time for preparing the juice and money to buy the fruits. They send it three times a week. A bottle (600 cc) can last for three times drink.

Remember, this is fresh juice! Not regular juice that we can buy from supermarket.
That means, it only lasts up to three days, no added sugar-only fructose, no preservatives.

I enjoy it ^-^


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