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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Weight Loss

I started to do routine exercise around August 2007, right after my first lab check.
I must reduce my weight and have a proper diet based on the lab result.
The doctor said, when I lower my weight, the blood sugar level will be lower too.

I was 86 kg. After first two weeks of exercise and diet, I lost 5 kg.
After I recovered from typhoid fever, my weight was 72 kg, I lost 3-4 more kg at that time.
Last January, I gained 2 kg, hehehe....... So my weight should be around 73 to 74 kg.

I'm careful to check nutrition fact of processed food. Less fat, less sugar.
Better to cook your own meal.

I take Tahitian Noni Juice as usual. But before, I tried Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Milk from Herbalife.

Most important thing is to have exercise, at least 3 times a week to burn sugar and calorie. Also it's good to prevent stretch marks and cellulite. These are problems occurred when you have weight problems.

My weight target is 67-68 kg, like when I was in college. But if I can do less than that, that will be great.
I'm not doing this for the sake of being thin, but it's for my health. I saw how my parents suffered from diabetes complications, I hope I can prevent that from happening to me.


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