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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tahitian Noni Juice

My uncle's improved health condition encouraged me to consume Tahitian Noni Juice.

It has been five months and five bottles of Tahitian Noni Juice (TNJ). I started consuming it in September 2007, due to my health condition.
In August 2007, I found out that my blood sugar level, uric acid, SGOT and SGPT level were high.
My asthma reoccurred, my skin in the leg area has brown spot, and I have wounds on my right thumb that haven't been healed for months.

Below problems have been fixed at the same time:
- wound healing
- typhoid, I had this early Dec 2007

To heal the wounds, I apply TNJ to the wound using cotton whenever I have free time. Gradually I could see the change, the wounds started to heal as it got dry and thinning.
It was even better when I had typhoid fever in early December 2007.
To lower the fever, I took 20ml of TNJ every two hours for three days. I realized the effect to my wounds after I recover from the fever. No scar on my thumb after the wounds healed! See the pictures.
So beside getting better from my typhoid without getting hospitalized (thrombosit level was back to normal), this also improved my unhealed wounds.


See the black scar on the thumb - Black scar gone (End of Dec 2007)

These are the areas that I still want to improve:
- blood sugar level
- uric acid level
- weight loss

I go to my diabetes doctor every month to control my condition. He prescribed me glucophage XR (two tablets at night) and allopurinol (1 tablet at night) for mid January to mid February. My last lab result (mid Jan) showed normal blood sugar level, but uric acid level is still high.

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