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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sweet Sunnah Haul

Sweet Sunnah products
After knowing the benefit of Black Seed, and browsed around Sweet Sunnah website, and...... have the right forwarder to send to Indonesia (because send directly from Sweet Sunnah to Indonesia cost a lot!), I decided to purchase these products:

1. Shea Butter and Honey Indulgence, Dry Skin Treatment
Ingredients: Pure Shea Butter, Organic Honey, Black Seed Oil, Vitamin E.

What it says in the website:

It supports and soothes dry or sensitive skin while protecting it from harsh elements. Shea Butter Indulgence Cream is the ultimate treatment for overly dry or sensitive skin. Great against stretch marks and skin blemishes.

2. Black Seed Oatmeal Honey Soap
Ingredients: Organic Virgin Olive oil, Organic coconut oil, Nigell Sativa (Black Seed Oil), Honey, Oatmeal, Ground Black Seed, Essential Oil of Lemongrass, Vitamin E, and Rosemary Extract.

What it says in the website:
Oatmeal softens the skin and honey is a natural healer. My customers tell me that it also helps with skin blemishes like acne. Now you can treat your whole body to this affordable luxury

This soap gently exfoliates with added ground black seed.Your skin will radiate. A real bath time treat. Excellent for dry, sensitive or irritated skin. You wont ever go back to your regular soap! Contains no alcohol, animal ingredients, synthetic fragrances or colors.
Black Seed Oatmeal Honey Soap
Soap packaging

Soap packaging


I will post you the result of using above products later.


mawarmelati said...

salam kenal mba, kalau boleh tau, jasa forwarder yg kirim dr US/ sweet sunnah ke Indonesia apa ya? Saya pingin beli jg sesuatu dr sweet sunnah.


Mirna said...

Salam kenal Mbak,
Saya waktu itu order dan pengiriman melalui alamat saya di USA (saya langganan ke jasa penerima barang). Dari situ mereka akan kirimkan ke alamat rumah saya di Jakarta.
Kalau mau langsung, mereka pakai Fedex/DHL dan itu bisa mahal sekali.

mawarmelati said...

wah kebetulan... mungkin saya bisa beli lewat mba aja..
alamat email mba apa ya?

Mirna said...

Ke mu.beautyshop at gmail dot com

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