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Sunday, July 4, 2010

What is happening with Earthen Glow Minerals?

It started when I wanted to order Earthen Glow Minerals liquid foundation when they were having a sale. When I wanted to pick my shade and placed the order, I found out the website was undergoing maintenance, so I sent an e-mail to them. I think it was on April 30, 2010.
Since I couldn't pick my shade, I opted to purchase:
- Vintage Cold Cream
- FOUNDATION AND CONCEALER WHEEL, Medium- Light Medium to Medium

Lori replied my e-mail on May 6 and she said she would send a request to paypal for payment with an invoice for the items to my paypal account. I still received the 25%off discount.

May 7, 2010: Paid the goods through my Paypal and I sent an e-mail asking about shipment schedule.
I only received an automatic reply.

Hello, we thank you for contacting us and are working hard to give you quick and excellent service. Due to high volume we are processing the majority of orders 4-5 days of confirmation. We will answer your email as timely as possible and as always we thank you for your support.

The Earthen Glow Minerals Team

Then, I followed up again, I sent several e-mails to Sales at egminerals dot com asking about the shipment on June 4, June 14, and on June 17 I sent e-mail to e-mail address which requested my paypal payment. Still got no answers!

I raised a complaint to Paypal, hoping to reach the sales people. Turned out Paypal rejected my report. Aggghh...... I'm loosing my USD 35!

The website was still offline, and they put a message to contact Sales at egminerals dot com for support or help, but I haven't received any replies. A couple of days ago, the website seemed like totally gone! Internet explorer cannot display the page.

Can someone share me some info on what's happening to Earthen Glow Minerals???


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