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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Skin break out, heeelllppppp.....

Usually my skin breaks out before I have my period. I would only have one or two big acnes. But I don't know why I'm having a lot now, big and small pimples!!
Lack of sleeping, resting, and stay awake very very late can cause the break out.
This condition really bother me. I ate usual food... Ummm, well, not considered a good diet, but still in normal menu.

Maybe because I'm experimenting with new skin care products I bought online? I don't know. Maybe stress? Yes, that can be it.

A couple of weeks ago, there was a Ristra consultative service at my office building. I and my colleagues went to the counter, had our skin condition checked, then the consultant recommended Ristra products to treat the skin.
My skin condition was the worse among my colleagues. My pores are big and skin produced oil so much. The acnes swollen and left black spots.
Consultant recommended me five products!!!
I was saving my money to see Erha Clinic doctor, so I bought three only: skin cleansing milk, toner, and acne cream.

The acne cream work well compare to Acnes gel I bought previously. My big acnes healed, although black spot is still there.

I'm having medication for my flu and sinus again. My ENT Doctor prescribed me anti biotics. After I'm taking it, the break out has been reduced.
Maybe I was having allergy reaction to something?


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