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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ristra Acne Cream

Before I talk about the acne cream, let me give you a short description of this brand.
Ristra ( is one of skincare products made in Indonesia. The company owned by dr. Retno I.S Tranggono, SpKK, who is a famous cosmetodermatologist in Indonesia.
It was established in ebruari, 1983, the company offers skincare products under the many brands, such as RISTRA, Platinum by Ristra, Trustee by Ristra, dan Dermocare.
I'd say this brand can be considered as the Indonesian's Clinique.....

I've used its face powder and face cleansing milk long long time ago.

When I started to develop acne again a couple of months ago, I bought Acnes gel. It turned out it only worked well for small zits on my face.
When there was a Ristra promo counter at my office building in June, I bought the acne cream together with Ristra cleansing milk and face toner.

Ristra Acne cream tube

Ristra acne cream

The cream works well, although acne doesn't dry instantly. I put on the cream 2-4 times a day as instructed.
Usually I wear it after moisturizer and sun cream. The good thing about this cream is the shade is similar to skin color, so it saves you from the embarassement of white acne cream color which appears so obviously and can't blend well with your make up.

This acne cream is worth to try and its price is economical.
the acne cream

How it looks after blending (lower row)


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