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Tuesday, March 4, 2008


In relation to my high sugar level condition and also my goal to reduce weight,
exercise is important!

In the beginning of my diagnosis, I woke up early, did my Fajr prayer, got into my training shoes and I walked around my house complex in fast pace for 40 minutes. I'd find many older people during that time. I put on my ear phone and listened to the songs on my Sony Ericsson Walkman phone.

Then, I've got an offer from Celebrity Fitness to do two weeks of free trial. After trial period was done, I decided to join them, with the consequence that I have to exercise very frequent. It's not cheap after all!

I've got five free sessions with their personal trainer. The objectives were to reduce weight, work on arm muscles (biceps and triceps) and leg muscles, tighten my behind part.

After that over, I had to choose the class by myself. Because hiring a personal trainer is not cheap either.

I attend these classes (combination of high and low impact):
  • Weight lifting: build up muscles.
  • Martial Arts: burn calories, also practise your movements and punches :)
  • Aerobic: High or low impact --> burn calories or fat, good for cardio.
  • Yoga: to improve your posture and stretch your muscles after strenuous work out
  • Treadmill, choose "fat burn" mode
Exercise increases capillary blood supply, resulting in improved delivery and extraction of oxygen and nutrient substrates. It also increases glycogen storage capacity. These adaptations increase utilization of glucose, FFA, and ketone bodies by trained muscles during exercise, and decrease lactic acid production.

In both diabetic and non-diabetic patients, exercise training enhances cardio-respiratory endurance, which increases the maximal work capacity and the ability to perform sub-maximal work longer with less perceived effort and fatigue. In addition, exercise training has been shown to reduce the lipid abnormalities associated with coronary artery disease.

Please note, my posting here is to share my experience with you. For your own program, you must consult everything with the experts first.

For more info on exercise and diabetes, you can read these:
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