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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sick while traveling

I have been getting the coughing since last September. It's on and off. Sometimes it's just dry coughing, which hurt my throat. It's the ticklish feeling in the throat that made me cough.
Well..... I know the source of the problem..... It's because I keep staying up very late every night. I went to bed at 2 or 3 AM, sometimes I even didn't get sleep!

So, I had to travel on Nov 23 to Dec 1. I planned to see my physiotherapist before I went, but there are lots of things to do before the trip and I ended up not going for the treatment. I saw a doctor in a clinic near my house to get medication before the trip. He prescribed me two types of antibiotics for my coughing, a flu medication, and a medicine to take whenever I feel difficulty to breathe.

The coughing was still there before I went to Malaysia. Since I had the training in Malaysia, and I was online every night and went to sleep around 1 AM, I started to get the flu.
I did get some rest in my last day in KL.

It was a torture when I had to be in plane. The flight from KL to Bangkok was a start. I had headache at one side of my head, then my left ear was blocked. I tried to yawn and yawn, but it was difficult to make the ear free from blockage. It was painful!

The flu started in Hua Hin, Thailand. To make it worst, my asthma reoccurred and the constant coughing gave me back pain. I had short breathe. I couldn't do physical activities. I tried to hold on as we had meetings and team building rally.
In the last day of meeting, I couldn't hold it. I had another headache in one side of my head, yesterday was at left side, that day was right side and it's painful my eye couldn't be opened.
I asked the organizer to take me to a clinic. My medications have finished.
They took me to San Paulo Hospital. A missionary hospital. They checked my temperature and blood pressure. All were normal. The doctor gave me three medicines.
Oh man..... It cost a lot! I paid THB 2,969.
The price to pay when you are sick abroad.

Another thing happened after dinner in the the last night of our stay in Hua Hin (Nov 30). I had stomachache which caused me diarrhea. I was planning to shop at night market in that night, I only stayed 10 minutes there and decided to come back to hotel to poop.....
It was between the urge to poop that make me wanna run and the difficulty to breath. A contradiction indeed.
When I arrived in my room, I straight went to bath room. After poop, I took shower. Apply cajuputih oil all over my body to warm me up, and slept under my blankie. I was very very sick. I didn't bring medicine for this. Usually, I'd bring some first aid medicine.
In the next morning, I felt better, but I still had diarrhea.
It kept like that, but still controllable. Otherwise, I'd be in trouble because I was traveling back to Jakarta. In every terminal, I went to toilet and pee and poop. I didn't do that while I was in the plane.

Today, Dec 2, I stayed at home and just resting, sleeping the whole day through.

I don't like being sick when I'm travelling!


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