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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Testing out Aromaleigh's Glissade foundation and FOTD

The original plan for today was to move the rest of my stuffs from old place to new place.
But, due to what happened in the last 2 days and I've got confirmation from the guy I rent the pick up that he won't be available today, so I decided today will just do another sorting out of the small stuffs in the storage room of my old place.

I know I will be sweating and messy when doing the things cos the stuffs are dusty, but I decided to put on my make up. One thing was because I wanted to try Aromaleigh's Glissade foundation, and another thing was just to uplift my mood which was not good.

Early in the morning, I've tested the shades of Glissade sample first using a method from Youtube.Com.
The samples I bought are: Glissade 1N, 2N, 3N, 2C.

After test, I found that the shades that is close to my skin are 2N and 3N, but my sister said 3N is better.

What it said in Aromaleigh website about these products:

Glissade looks just like you'd expect any mineral foundation to appear- a fine, loose powder... however, when you begin to apply it, you begin to feel a smooth, luxurious, gliding, silky feeling on your skin... application is effortless... the powder glides over your skin and melds with your own skin tone yielding the appearance of perfection. It's "Your Skin... Only Better" (TM).

In addition to it's emollient and buffering effects, Glissade offers similar benefits as our regular matte foundation powder, "Voilé". It is very finely milled and silky and contains Zinc Oxide, for full spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Glissade and Voilé also offer excellent coverage and skin adherence, and an expanded color palette! Glissade and Voilé also utilize advanced light-dispersing and skin-smoothing pigment technology.

What does "Glissade" mean? "Glissade" (pronounced glee-sod) is a French word typically found in the ballet studio... it defines a smooth, gliding connecting step in ballet choreography. But when it comes to your skin, "Glissade" is all about the smooth, gliding sensation of the foundation powder effortlessly blending with your skin!

My comment: Ahhh, no wonder it blends nicely and can cover my zits (see picture below)

2. Porcelaine Oil Control Mattifying Primer Powder

Porcelaine Oil Control Mattifying Primer Powder is a Magnesium-based translucent primer powder which is finely milled with a creamy feel. A thin layer of Porcelaine applied to your problem areas can greatly help in keeping your image of perfection... all day long.

Some magnesium-based oil control powders are stark white and although they are translucent, this can product a chalky effect on darker skintones. Porcelaine alleviates this problem by offering neutrally tinted translucent powders in light-medium , medium and medium-deep. We suggest that you try samples in at least 2 of these tones to find the best match for you. After applying Porcelaine, you will see that it melds with your skin and provides an invisible canvas on which you will apply your Aromaleigh Voil� or Glissade or Pure Cover. We suggest that you use a smooth non-latex sponge or flocked sponge to apply.

3. Ultra Resolution Finishing Powder

Helps to reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and imperfections. Light as a feather, you'll barely know that you've applied Ultra-Resolution Finishing Powder. It glides effortlessly over your skin like silk in a smooth, even layer. Application is a breeze! It's so soft, smooth and silky that you'll adore the way that it feels on your skin... and as a final step to your mineral makeup routine.

So here's my FOTD, very simple one:
The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion SPF 15
Aromaleigh Glissade foundation in 2N
Aromaleigh Porcelaine Oil Control Mattifying Primer Powder in Medium Deep
Aromaleigh Ultra Resolution Finishing Powder in Clear

EGM Bermuda Bronzer

Pure Luxe Decadent shadow
EGM liquid liner in Caviar

Revlon lipgloss in Coffee Gleam

After application at 10.35 AM

At 12.26 PM

At 3 PM

What do you think of Glissade on me?


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