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Friday, December 4, 2009

A late post: My second Aromaleigh order

The eye colors from Aromaleigh always make me say OOOHHH and AHHHH.....

I received the package more than two weeks ago. I managed to get some pictures afterward, but I didn't have time to blog about it due to my business trip to Malaysia and Thailand recently.

So here it is, take a look at the contain of the package:

I ordered Bette Noire collection sample, some of Glissade foundation samples, Pure Rouge samples, Pure Hue shadow sample.

See the beauty of Bette Noire

From L to R:
1st row: Colette - Jolie - Ambre
2nd row: Bette - Amarante - Mireille
3rd row: Solange - Chantal - Lisette
4th row: Aurelie - Viviane - Darcelle
Last: Sabine

Blush swatch, Top to bottom:

Pure hue swatch
Top row, L to R: Lavande - Fox - Caribe - Jasper
Bottom row, L to R: Arbor - Regal - Tarnish - Ballet

Free sample :
top row: torment- swank
bottom: raspberry beret - coquette

Haven't tried the Glissade yet........


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