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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hauls from Malaysia

I was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from Nov 23 to Nov 28, 2009.

Since I was staying in Boulevard hotel near Megamall in Midvalley, it was an opportunity to roam the mall for make up and skin care brand available.
I read Connie's blog for my reference.

It was a big haul for me, and quite damaging my credit card. LOL.
So here it is:

From Watson's, I purchased these:

Rimmel London:
1. Sexy Curves Full Volume & Curve Mascara, price RM 39.90
2. Moisture renew lipstick in Electric Plum, price RM 26.90

Majolica Majorca:
3. Lash Expander Frame Plus, price RM 39.90
How to use: apply first coat using the upper brush (see picture) then use lower brush for second coat.
4. Rouge Majex in PK 313, price RM 26.90
5. Jeweling Pencil (eyeliner) in BE208 (light brown) has glitter, price RM 20.90

Other products:
6. Bio Oil (, 125 ml, price RM 54.80
This product helps to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone, also good for ageing skin and dehydrated skin. It contains calendula, lavender, rosemary, and chamomile oil, and Purcellin Oil.
For treating the scar and stretch mark, we need to use it at least for 3 months.
I bought this because Fifi asked me to buy this for her and when I read the function, I thought I can use it too for my uneven face skin color.

- St. Ives Cucumber eye gel, RM 21.30 (not shown in the picture)
It's a big one, I think I won't need eye gel for a long time.

In other beauty store, I got these:
7. Dr. Young 2p Pearl Brightening Balm (BB) with SPF 35 PA ++, 30ml, price RM 49

8. Solegio Coenzyme Q10 hand cream, normal price was RM 22.90, but since I spent more than RM 50, the price reduced to RM 5. What a deal! If it's not that cheap, I won't considered buying it. The product is from Korea.

- Sunplay Watery Cool RM 26.90 for sun protection during my swim lesson (not shown in the picture)

ELIANTO's corner

Elianto is local brand, but the products are made in Korea.

On my first day of shopping, I bought these:
A. Green Tea lip & eye make up remover for all skin types. I almost run out of remover, so this will be my stock. It has other variants though, but I couldn't remember.
Price RM 18

B. Shimmer stick in light yellow. Plan to use this for eyeshadow base. Price RM 18

And on the last day in KL, I purchased:
C. Facial Cream Soap, contains green tea, price RM 29.
In the box, there's a small spatula to scoop the soap.

D. Pearl eye cream, for all skin types, to brighten the skin in eye area.price RM 20
There's ginseng eye cream for wrinkles. I didn't know which one to choose, but the beauty consultant suggested me to buy Pearl as she said I don't have wrinkles (awww.....)

E. Touch on Blush in Mocha Brownie, price RM 32
I like the applicator, it's cute.... How to apply: just swipe on cheek, not pat.

MAC Store

The most expensive stuffs I bought. MAC Paint Pot, RM 70 each, and I bought two!
The colors I picked were Bare Study and Fresco Rose. The pink color is pretty and Bare Study sure does can be used for all color base as it's in neutral color.
And definitely it's smudge proof. Difficult to wipe it clean. Can't compare it with Elianto's Shimmer Stick.

Well, those are the make up hauls, while other stuff I bought were Charles & Keith red Roman Sandal (normal price RM 99.90, disc. 40% RM 59.95), see picture here, and varieties of candies in KLIA for RM 74.70


Fifi said...

awww hahaha i got mentioned!
MAC paint pot katanya keren bgt buat e/s base, tapi mahal bgt ya bo...
makasih yah udah mau direpotin. haul nya keren2 bgt!

Mirna said...

Yup, mahal bgt. Even for my pocket. Beli 1-2 kali bolehlah, tp utk punya koleksinya bakal mikir dulu.
Ah, gak repot Fi. Senang kok bisa jadi personal shopper :)

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