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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My first Aromaleigh order!

I've been following Miss K in Facebook for sometime, and she doesn't stop updating the status with delicious news: weekly sales.....
Whattt? Weekly? Man, this will drain my credit card fast! The same problem I have with Meow is that she has new collections that someday will be discontinued.
She's got so many pretty pigments and I just need to have them. She's planning to discontinue some of her collection, but will keep 4-5 colors from each collection for The 2009 Best Color.
After that, she's ready to launch new colors.... Very creative mind she has.

So last night, when I got home, I saw a small envelope on the table. And it's my first Aromaleigh order!

I ordered one set of sample size of Les Pappilon collection. They are pretty!
I also ordered eye & lip primer, indelible gel eyeliner in MAGNETISM, and two eye brushes.
The gel eyeliner in Magnetism is beautiful. It's black but has golden shimmer. I wished I order more gel liner in different colors.
While the eye and lip primer has nice texture. I use the primer this morning, it has strong stay power. My eye lids were not as oily as usual, therefore the eyeshadow still looked nicely when I got home from work.
Product description, left: gel eye liner, right: eye n lip primer

I got to pick three free samples, Miss K added sample of color infusion lipstick in Perfect.

Enjoy the haul. I definitely gonna use Les Papillon colors this weekend for my niece's wedding reception.....


AFEcoMom said...

Awesome! I love Aromaleigh. I saw this blog when she posted it on FB. Only question was about the lippie, was it tender or perfect? Or did you get both?

Mirna said...

Hi, it's Perfect :)

I'm planning to get "Tender" in my next order.
Thanks for visiting.

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