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Friday, February 5, 2010

My body moisturizer products

skin moisturizer products
What I'm looking in moisturizer products is that non greasy, fast absorbtion to the skin, and not leaving residue or can 't be washed off.
I usuall put on moisturizer after bath, in the morning and evening. That's the time when the skin pores are open and can absorb nutrition applied.

Here are products I'm using for moisturizing my skin:
1. NIVEA UV Protection Lotion
It has white color lotion. This is not my favorite because it's very slow to sink in to my skin, liquid is too thin. And because of that, I feel my skin too wet when I'm sweating and want to apply the lotion.

2. VASELINE Total Moisture
A bit better than Nivea.

LOVE this!!!! Has mild baby scent. Contains several types of butters. Non-greasy. Good to apply after shower....

4. Royal body butter from Because I'm The Princes in Mango Milkshake
The butter is heavy, not that fast to absorb, but still OK. Love the scent....
I feel a bit warm everytime I finish applying this.

5. BUBBLETUB Body Parfait in Apple Martini
Has two mixtures in one jar. The Aloe gel soothe the skin. The mousse smells like milk. Very light moisturizer.

6. Moea Body Souffle from Tahitian Noni
has banana aroma and contain macadamia nut oil, noni seed oil, cocoa seed butter and shea butter. It's such an exotic smell.
body moisturizer products

You can see the texture of body butter and body parfait here.


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