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Saturday, January 30, 2010

My skin care and make up adventure

The passion for beauty products and make up has started since I was a teenager. I think it’s because of the influence of my mom.

As I’m growing my online beauty shop, filling it with quality products which I pick myself, I feel I’m more and more get into this beauty world adventure. When I have to survey products, test it on myself, and launch the products, it’s just like it should be. Temptation to buy the test products for myself is big too! I can’t help it. Etsy, the main source for me to do the searching for handmade natural products has so many artists joined.

This blog will also be a part of my experiments of products before I put them on my online beauty shop. Hauls and reviews or test result will be here. I can always keep the notes to myself, but it’s always better to share the thoughts and discuss it with the ladies out here.

My online shop consists of skin care, beauty care, and mineral make up products. My mission is to bring in those unique natural products to the market.

So you can imagine how many products that I will test. It also depends on the request of customers when they want to have certain products in my shop.

I don’t mind, in fact I’m so happy every time I must test them, lovely products. Only receiving the packages is already giving me joy. From opening of the package, unpack them, looking at cute packaging and colors of the products… I’m addicted! Even my four years old niece is enjoying the scene too.

When it comes testing the products, I must have special time and preparation. I still work for a company, which takes most of my time. I can’t do the test every night, except when I‘m able to go home early. It’s always better to do the test during weekend. I’ll just put on them, even complete make up, although I’m just staying at home. I can do any house chores during the test.

I keep open communication with the artists who create the products so I can get more information on the product benefits. And when I think I do wrong test method, I will ask them for insights and get right application method.

And what happens now is that I have envelopes and small boxes from the product tested in my small room. I think I will do some pre-loved clearance sale later.

What makes it more fun is because I found out so many ladies, write blogs, make tutorial videos etc, and share their experience and opinion on beauty products. Giving me more knowledge on beauty stuffs.

Enjoy my posts....


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