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Monday, January 11, 2010

Spa treatment and spa products for my niece

the cuties

Today I had this thought while I was getting pampered at beauty salon (yes, creambath and hair cut, pedicure, manicure, foot reflexology): do we have spa products for kids which I can use on my niece and nephew?
Well, the nephew is too little (only 1 year and 3 months old), but his sister is old enough to get spa treatment (4 years and 4 months old).

OK, it's not like treatment at the spa, but a simple one which I can do at home using natural ingredients, like oatmeal, honey, milk, and fruits.
My niece and nephew like to play outdoor with their friends. And when I give them a bath, I can feel in some areas that their skin is dry and it's not smooth as kids' skin should be.
The only product I bought for them for moisturizing is Cusson's Baby Cream and Hair Mist from Because I'm The Princess (this one is for niece, of course).
So now I'm thinking to give the niece legs exfoliation and then moisturize the skin with heavy lotion, maybe body butter?

Now I'm in my mission to search homemade spa recipe for kids and maybe kids spa products sold online................
So far (as per today) I only found homemade spa recipes, but most of them are for adults.
I like the recipes in, but haven't found recipes for exfoliation.
Other recipes are from and

Let me search more and will update this post. Ciao..................

Updated, Jan 11, 2010:
Handmade kids spa products links I found:
1. The Lavender Pigs: Kids products (Bath Tints, Bath Fizzies, Soap, Bubble Bath, Body Spray)

2. Bath and Body by Tracy:
a. Products for children (shampoo, conditioner, eczema balm)
b. Kids corner (glitter, bath caviar, etc)
c. Baby care set
She also has many items for adults and mommies. Check them out!
3. Sweet Sunnah: Black Seed Baby Soap, Cocoa Chamomile Baby Bottom Butter
4. Spa Nenes Bath, Body & Spa products
5. Tuscan Farm Gardens
6. Sundae Spa

Still haven't found what I'm looking for.
Those products mentioned above provides products for kids and babies, but not really spa products.


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