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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sinusitis treatment starts!

I called up my ENT doctor on Tuesday (Jan 26, 2010) to inform her about the result of my visit to dentist. I made another appointment to meet her, it was last night.
She did her routine. Surgery will be the last resort for this matter. We will take medication treatment first, 4-8 weeks, non-stop.

She prescribed me antibiotic and vitamins, and also nose spray (which is expensive!) for 10 days. One of antibiotics may affect my stomach, so I need to take it 15-20 minutes after meal and make sure that I have enough food. It will also create allergic reaction, e.g. rash.

Well, it's my second wake up call after what happened in 2007. I can do this. I don't want to get surgery. As surgery can create complications and there's no guarantee it will diminish totally.
One of business partners suggested me to see several famous ENT doctora to get the treatment.
He said sinus surgery may cost USD 2,200-2,500!
If in Singapore, it will cost SGD 5,000 to 6,000! Oh my!

By the way, early before I went to my ENT doctor, I went to the gym. I speed walked on treadmill for 30 minutes, followed by 50 minutes of Body Balance class. After that I felt refreshed and sleepy. One thing I noticed was that I felt the fluid inside was like it wanted to come out.
I told about this to my doctor and she said it is like that and it's a good sign. The fluid was trying to find its way out.
Even with the tiniest cavity in my teeth, the fluid will behave like that. So what I need to do is to treat the tiny cavity next Sunday and hope that it will bring difference in my condition.
I read Wikipedia to know more about sinusitis. It can be caused by bacterial or fungal infection! That's why I needed to check for upper teeth problem, cavity is the way in for bacteria.
Here's a picture from Wikipedia:

Left-sided maxillar sinusitis marked by an arrow. Note the absence of the air transparency indicating the presence of fluid in contrast to the other side.

Maybe I'll post my own X-ray later on.

I'm going to find out what's the dosage of Tahitian Noni Juice to treat my sinusitis. As you know, I've been a Tahitian Noni Juice 'drinker' since 2007. I know somehow it will help my condition.

So my sinusitis treatment starts...........


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