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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Big haul from Dreamworld Minerals

When the package arrived this week, I was amazed that I didn't realize I bought so many small items. I purchased them in October 2009, getting 35% discount during Halloween sale. Total damage was around USD 87, after discount. So go figure the amount before discount, lol.
The reason why it took so long to get to my place was because Ellie (the owner) had several situations which were tough for her and family.

Now, get back to the order. has very large variants in terms of colors, formulas, and sizes. Its theme is based on fairy tales. For ladies who will start to try mineral make up, I'd say Dreamworld cosmetics is too complicated. But on the other hand, for ladies who have had experience with mineral make up, this worth trying.

It took me one week to pick up colors which I thought would be the matches for me. Then
I contacted Ellie first to consult the matching colors for my foundation before I made the purchase. I sent her a picture of me so she has a picture of what my skin tone is.
She gave me her suggestions and I followed them.

What I bought:
1. Foundation
2. Primer
3. Color corrector
4. Finishing powder
5. Blush on
6. Eye pigments
7. Lips product

I will try to write the post as organized as possible, as there are many items in this haul.

SIZE of products available:
a. the butterfly - small baggie holding 1.5 gm or 1/2 tsp. of foundation
b. the pixie - 5 gm jar and holds 2 gms of foundation
c. the elf - 10 gm jar
d. the dwarf - 30 gm jar and holds 12 gm of foundation. I didn't buy this size because it was my first order and I didn't want to buy big size at that moment.

See picture below to see the size

There are four main formulas:
SAND: is the medium formula. It is perfect for ladies looking for medium to heavy coverage.

What I bought:
Lada, butterfly size

CLOUD: is the first of the mica free formulas. It is a medium to heavy coverage that is matte and light feeling. It is perfect for ladies who live in the environment where they don’t want anything heavy and for those with oily skin.

What I bought:
Nerthus, pixie size
Lada, butterfly size

Caipora, butterfly size

Maeve, butterfly size
Brogla, butterfly size

LUNA: is the heaviest coverage of the 3 formulas. Offers the highest amount of Zinc and is wonderful for ladies who have acne and rosacea.

What I bought:
Rhea, pixie size
Gaia, pixie size

Ishkara, pixie size

Uma, pixie size

Lada, butterfly size

Caipora, butterfly size

MULBERRY: is the second of the mica free foundations. It is perfect for ladies with dry skin, who are looking for something that will not continue to dry them out. Run on the same colour level as the cloud – darker than Luna and Sand.

What I bought:
Ereskigal, pixie size
Carridwyn, pixie size
Brogla, pixie size

Caipora, butterfly size

Here I want to show you the shades comparison among the four formulas
The columns are foundation formula categories while the rows are the same name of the shades


Mummy dust is a white foundation primer that comes in five formulas. Each formula is designed with a special skin type in mind. You will have the choice of:
Oily, dry, normal , or mica free, for you ladies who wish to stay away from Mica products, and dry skin with Vit. E without any silk.

What I bought:
Mummy Dust - Oily Skin, butterfly size
Mummy Dust - Mica Free,
butterfly size

Formulas: Regular, Titanium Free, Mica Free

What I bought: Nyx represents a lighter version of Pasiqea. A concealer for those who wish to look well rested and healthy in the morning. (butterfly size)

Formulas: the Creme Toppings and the Whipped Cocoons (silk finishing powders).

A. The Creme Toppings, has three formulas:
Clay and silica

What I bought:
Butterscotch Creme - Clay and silica, butterfly size
Peach - Clay and silica, butterfly size

Cafe au Lait - Clay, butterfly size
Peanut Butter - Clay, elf size

B. The Whipped Cocoons
Is made from 100% Silk powder added. Can be used as a primer or a top veil after foundations are applied.

What I bought:
Whipped Cream,
butterfly size
Whipped Strawberry, butterfly size

The blush ons have categories, they are included in the same eye pigment categories.
Here's what I bought, all in butterfly size:

Camelot series - Ciara
Mother Earth Friday Sky - Dawn
Cambria series - Winter Magick

In free gift pouch:
Medieval series - June
Mount Olympus series - Pluto


Mystical Realm, butterfly size:
Upper Realm (Other world)
Upper Realm Noir

Middle Ream (middle earth)

Lower Realm

Sacred Symbol, butterfly size:
Sword of Nuad
Spear of Lugh
Sacred Cauldron
Lia Fail

Witches of Legend, butterfly size:

Free Gift:

Mystical Reliecs, complete series:
All in butterfly size, except these (in pixie): Book of Thoth, Chariot of The Sea, Chariot of Fire

Camelot series - Witch's Cloak, butterfly size
Hallow, pixie size (series unknow)

Free Gift, 12 Days of Dreamworld series:
6 Gnomes Swinging
7 Mermaids Harmonizing
9 Giant Waltzing

Free Gift!

LIPGLOSS (Magick Wand)
Nectar (free gift)
Honey (bought)

Since it's a big haul, I won't do swatches now, maybe later when I have other spare time.
Hope you enjoy it :)



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