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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Large hauls this week


This week I received tons of packages from my order in December 2009!

I only had a chance to open and check the packagings, but haven't had a chance to review, feel, and test them.

I even didn't know where to put the stuffs after opening them, lol.

They are:

2. Ella Rose Minerals

3. Dress Green: for my online beauty shop

4. De Shawn Marie handmade soap: for my online beauty shop

5. Bubble Tub Handmade Soaps & Toiletries: for my online beauty shop

Stay tune for haul pictures and maybe reviews :)


Fifi said...

wow!! post pics!! i want to see your hauls! hahaha

Mirna said...

Haa, I did take pictures but either I didn't have time to edit it, or when they were edited, I haven't written any comments or story on the hauls... I have lost of drafts waiting to be edited since January!

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