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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Skin break out

When I was organizing my skin care products, I saw The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Face Wash which contained only half bottle. I started using it again for 3 weeks now and alas! It caused my skin breaks out. Now I remember why I took away that face wash from my daily routine! It dries my skin and my skin feels tight. Oh my!
I read  the review here and some of the reviewer experienced the similar thing like mine.

I'm back to my facial cream that hubby gave me. Of course I must use it sparingly because the content is 2/3 left and I'm still waiting for him to send me new packages. I bought Wardah's facial wash (I will write about Wardah Cosmetics soon)... It's not pricey. It's gentle to the face. It doesn't have detergent or soap based. I love it.

To repair the skin condition, beside changing the facial wash, I also apply The Body Shop Aloe Vera night soothing cream and The Face Shop Sleeping mask.


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