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Monday, February 18, 2013

Sari Ayu Hijab Competition - My Style using 2013 Sari Ayu Color Trend (Sentrajava)

Here's the finish look using 2013 Sari Ayu Color Trend (Sentrajava) at Sari Ayu Hijab Competition

closer look to the eyes

Lids: Lasem Collection 

Bottom eye liner: purple (no.6) from Karimunjawa Collection

Here's the 2013 Sari Ayu Color Trend (Sentrajava) palette looks like

Sari Ayu Pesisir Sentrajava Palette

Sari Ayu Sentrajava Palette swatch: shadow and lipstick
No primers

Sari Ayu Sentrajava Palette  shadow swatch, with flash
Above: Lasem collection
Below: Karimunjawa collection 

Sari Ayu Sentrajava Palette  shadow swatch, with no flash 

What I used, all provided by Sari Ayu.

Pelembab Mawar to moisturize
Alas Bedak Sawo Matang (foundation)
Face powder in the palette
Pink blush in the palette for cheeks
Peach blush for forehead and chin (bronzer replacement)

Lasem 1 on tear duct and all over the lids and as high lights
Lasem 2 on lids
Lasem 3 on crease
Karimunjawa 6 as lower eye liner
Karimunjawa 4 outer liner
Sari Ayu mascara and liquid liner two in one

L1 from Lasem collection
K1 for lipliner
Lasem 3 shadow to put on the center of the lip

To be honest, I had problems putting on the shadows. I didn't have any eye primers. I felt it didn't show up at all. And for the lips, I used the applicator, I used my finger to apply the lipstick, the color wasn't showing up. I added the shadow to my lips to add more color. When I took the picture, then I'm able that colors are showing up.


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