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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tony Moly Nail Polish

Brief Info on Tony Moly
Tony Moly is South Korea’s popular beauty and skin care brand which brings forth a whole new beauty experience with top quality and yet affordable wide range of products.  The all natural and organic products with no animal testing or specimen contents comes in  chic and stylish packaging.
Founded in Korea in 2006, Tony Moly has presence in South Korea, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and now Singapore.

Tony Moly is the compound word of “Tony”, which means a nice appearance in English, and “Moly”, which means “flourishing” in Japanese.Tony Moly has been being consistently trying to help customers have confident in their skin. It is not a common cosmetic brand, but satisfy customers with their beautiful skin.There are many products of this brand which are loved by consumers. This includes the tomato mask pack, moisturizing cream gel liner, and others.

I found out that Tony Moly has  store at Lippo Supermall Karawaci.
I'm into natural nail polish and I saw several colors at the shop.
What I bought:
- Nail Lacquer Glitter Diamond SP01 IDR 39,000
- Nail Polish DI01 IDR 79,000
- Nail Enamel Nudie Color - Milk Tea (ND05) IDR 39,000

There was a promo, I picked BB cream with special price together with the total purchase of nail polishes.
Nail Lacquer Glitter Diamond SP01 - Looks natural
For this polish, I think I need top coat so the glitters won't come off

Nail Polish DI01
Pretty color!

Tony Moly Nail Polish


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