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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wedding in Kuala Lumpur, part 2 (wedding dinner)

Here's part two of the ceremony.
When I arrived in the hotel after the morning ceremony, I decided to take a nap because I felt that I would be going to be sick, with the sore throat and everything.
My colleagues from Singapore, Jewell and Shri Omar, have arrived in KL but were having lunch when I had my nap. They were back to the room right after I woke up.

When we were getting ready for the dinner, I found out that Shri is fond of make up too! She brought a set of make up brush and a make up palette.... She did Jewell make up too. I really enjoyed watching her working on Jewell's face :)

My left eye was swollen, I didn't know why. When I woke up from my nap, it was just like that. I think it was my allergy to my contact lens. But hey.... I still look pretty, right ? hehe.....


Luscious Lather Soothing Light Lotion
PAC perfect finish Creamy Foundation No. 04
PAC Loose Powder No. 3
PAC Long Wearing Two Way Cake in Light Ivory
The All Natural Face's Hydrating Mist in Patchouli

Aromaleigh eye & lips primer
MAC Paint Pot - Bare Study as shadow base
Aromaleigh Pure Hue Collection - Jasper, inner corner
Aromaleigh Bette Noire Eyeshadow - Mirelle, 2/3 of the lid, and on lower lash line, foiled
Meow's Halloween - Tombstone, on crease
Aromaleigh eye plush - Baby blues, as highlight
Black eye liner pencil
Skin Food Choco Eyebrow powder cake
Revlon 3D Extreme Mascara in Black
Yves Rocher Perfect eyeliner in Black (01 Noir) - Bought this at Mall Taman Anggrek two days before I departed to KL.

The Body Shop Solar Duo Blush (Radiant Bronze)

Aromaleigh eye & lips primer
The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15
Revlon Renewist LipColor no. 050 (Chocolate Satisfaction) - I emphasized on the eyes, so I picked softer lip color.

We had the wedding dinner at ..... Restaurant in Petaling Jaya, not far from the hotel.
Linda has arranged a van to pick us up at the hotel at 7 PM. There were eleven of us: Four from Philippine, three from Indonesia (including me), two from Singapore, one from Aussie, and one from Japan.

Ohhh, the eye colors in the picture didn't show up :(

With colleagues and friends from Singapore and Malaysia
Jewell sat next to me, and Shri stood behind her

Diane from LusciousLather.Etsy.Com sent me a message on Facebook when she saw this picture. She said I looked so beautiful and so happy, and it is a very good picture of me, shows of my wonderful bone structure and high cheekbones. Awww......

Lovely bride

I was put at a special table serving Malay food. So I'm safe. While other tables served Chinese food which contains pork.
A friend of the groom gave speech and photo slides of bride and groom alone and then photos of both of them were shown. The dinner accompanied by songs from duet of wedding singer who play instruments.
Half way of the dinner, Linda changed the dress. She wore red Shinese style dress. She looked amazing.

I'm happy for the couple!

Note on my outfit:
That shiny dark greenish grey jacket was bought when I was in Shanghai in November 2008.


liloo said...

soft and great look for a wedding :)
The bride is gorgeous mashaAllah :)

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