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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ear problem reoccured

When I started traveling again in early May, I was worried due to my last trip that has caused me acute middle ear infection. It turned out the traveling was fine. I felt confidence. As long as I chew some candies during take off and landing, I'd be okay.
Then the traveling continues. I was out of town every week for 2-3 days!
I was not feeling well during the last trip to Surabaya last week. And on Monday (May 31) when I started to work in the office, I felt uneasiness in my left ear, and I had this headache too on the left side of my head.
I decided to see my ENT doctor in the evening after work. Then she said that the left ear drum is swelling and the right side is same but not as bad as the left.
Man, I was planning to swim last Sunday but somehow canceled. And I have another trip coming next week.
My doctor inserted two tiny cotton balls in my left ear and drop some liquid medication onto the cotton. It's supposed to be like a compress to sooth the ear drum. I need to put the ear drops 4 times a day. She prescribed me antibiotics and medicines and I to come back on Wednesday.

She asked me to exercise and to get fit. Flying when you are not fit can cause this kind of problem. And my sinusitis must be controlled too.

I have decided to cancel the trip to Singapore and Manila, and delegate this to my colleague.


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