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Monday, May 31, 2010

Latest haul from Aromaleigh

Been a long time since I ordered Aromaleigh products. I faced a difficulty to check out for my last order (maybe in November or December 2009), due to change of my home address. Somehow Paypal or the check out system didn't allow me to settle the payment.

When Miss K announced additional discount for her Aromaleigh discontinued products in April 2010, I couldn't help to rush and selected some items I wanted to buy, especially for rocks! sonic eyes which had crazy lowest price...

I bought Glissade and Porcelain finished powder in full size, because I have tried I've tried their samples.
I fell in love with indelible gel eye liner and I wanted to have a different look occasionally, so I picked Venomous, a purple liner.
Ordered place on 25 April 2010.
Received shipping notification on April 27, 2010.
I waited, and waited. Usually it would take 10-14 days for overseas package arrive at home, but this time took longer time.
I wrote to Aromaleigh Helpdesk to check whether I can get bar code number, because for this shipping there's no tracking number.
I have been getting some problems with overseas shipment for the last one month, I predicted that what delayed the delivery should be at Custom office end. (damn!)

When I was traveling to Surabaya last week for a business trip, I was informed by my sister that there was package awaiting to release but I must provide my tax ID and the cost is IDR 70,000.
I felt odd because usually I'd pay only IDR 7,000 to post office.

I was exciting on my way home from airport to check out my stuffs. It was nothing odd at all to see my package has been opened! So why did the custom need my tax ID for identification instead of my usual ID card? I hope they won't charge me high in my next overseas online orders!!

Anyway, here's my haul. Oops, I forgot to include Bete Noire nourishing color creme in Monique!

I picked these three samples of eye pigments from Hi-fi retro matte collection.

And these are Rocks! Sonic eyes with indelible gel eye liner in Venomous (above)

The face products I ordered:

Okay, here's Monique
Monique - swatch


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