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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Skin Clinic has medical assistant too

There are many skin clinics in Jakarta. If you need to treat skin disorders, choose the one that has skin specialists or dermatology physician as consultant or supervisor or as the one who handles the treatment directly. With this tip, you’ll get more safety compare to beauty clinics only.

I have been to several big skin centers. They are very professional in terms of service and representation of the clinics to the public. The medical assistants there dress up and are pretty. Such a good strategy since they are promoting a skin center. There are several jobs that medical assistant takes care of: arrange patient appointments, filing patient records, assisting dermatologist during treatment, prepare equipments to be used by dermatologist.

Of course, after they graduate from medical assistant schools, they were trained specifically to handle situation in skin clinic. Every medical discipline has different characteristics. In order to bring high standard service to patients, these clinics invest on staffs trainings.

I always get satisfaction whenever I get the treatment in my favorite skin clinic.


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