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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tragedy! My laptop was stolen....

I was so enthusiastic to know that I have lots of materials to blog about, especially I have a haul from Singapore... I have taken the pictures of the products and saved them in my laptop. All I have to do was edit the photos.
But alas! Yesterday afternoon I got a call from my sister saying that we both have lost our laptops!

A stranger came to our house, talked to our maid and saying as if he really knew me and my brother in law and he was instructed by my bro-in-law to pick my laptop because he broke it and asked this guy to fix it. To make the story short, I think my maid was hypnotized by this jerk, because he swore to her that he was doing our instruction and then she was asked to stare at his eyes.
She couldn't remember what has happened and who actually pick the laptops out of the storage place.
When she then conscious, she remembered that she needed to call my bro-in-law to check the truth, but the jerk has left!

He didn't take anything else beside the laptop units.
So odd.... He knew that my bro-in-law work in other town, and he usually comes home in the weekend. He knew that I'm called "bude" or auntie at home. He knew what type of my sister's laptop, the brand, and where sis keep it. My maid didn't know where my sis' laptop is!

Well, this is the second time I got robbed within 4 months. The first was on May 3, when my blackberry was stolen from my car under my nose......

It's sad because we needed the laptop to start and build our online business. We plan to resign from our jobs. My sister had taken time to save the money to buy that laptop.
And to know that a strange has been into our rooms and touched our stuffs???? Scarry!

Now I need to re-take the pictures. I only have my office laptop now and I'm not allowed to install any softwares for personal use.

To my friends, be careful out there, crime is everywhere!


*~ JuLiAnnE ~* said...

Wow, that sounds really terrible! I'm sorry to hear that... I hope everything will work out in the end for you and your sister.

Mirna said...

Yea, can you imagine that???
I wish I know who did that, I'd kick his butt so hard!!!

Henry said...

Wow.....that's bad....really sorry to hear that news. At least, at the end of the day, nobody gets hurt.

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