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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stay healthy during Fasting Month and my diet program

I watched a program on Trans7 channel last Saturday about the tips to stay healthy when doing fasting.
Ahhh yes, Ramadhan started on August 11, 2010.
I and my sister have planned to reduce our weight since a couple of months ago, so I discussed with her again, and we think fasting month is the right time to do it.
I bought Herbalife shake and fiber capsules to help our diet.

I've consumed Herbalife about two years ago to help my weight loss program. I didn't get much progress though, but seeing my landlady's husband got slimmer (he's around his 60s) so fast, I was amazed!
I want to try taking it again.

Here's the tips to stay healthy during fasting month according to the TV program:
1. Reduce oily food for sahur, that means less fried food and food cooked with coconut milk.
2. Drink lots of water after breakfast
3. When breakfasting, don't take lots of food and sweet dishes. Drinking juice is better.
4. Work out 1 hour before breakfasting. 

Herbalife will be incorporated in my fasting menu.

Herbalife shake and fiber tablet

Herbalife shake

Herbalife chocolate shake

Herbalife fiber & herb tablets

Herbalife fiber & herb tablets


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