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Monday, September 15, 2008

My experience with beauty laser

I worked at a medical equipment distributor which has Aesthetic Division. This division sells all kinds of laser for beauty treatment. So, I was familiar with some of the machines and know a little bit of the trend in beauty laser. There were laser hair removal, laser for skin tightening - the most popular trend was using radio frequency, laser for treating capillaries, and many more. The technology grows very fast.

I was a guinea pig to my colleague when she trained a physician using the laser. I have tried three types of laser hair removal machine. All of them were for my legs. All of them were different in technology. I remember, it was the second laser was the most painful of all. I felt like I was electrocuted every time my friend shot the laser.
The advantage was there was no side effect. In order to get smooth skin, we must attend several sessions. I didn't though, but until now my legs has very fewer hair as the effect of that guinea pig treatment.

Another function of getting this beauty laser treatment is having laser tattoo. This of course to remove the unwanted tattoo. Some colors in your tattoo are difficult to remove. That means, you need to go through several sessions. Don't forget the pain! Oh no. I'd suggest, when you are thinking of having tattoo, better think it over, choose the right picture and the right spot to put.


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