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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Skin Food, the skin care from South Korea

I wrote this post in Indonesian language in my Multiply Blog.

It was two weeks ago, after office hour I wanted to go to my mobile phone operator but when I got there it was already closed. So to kill time, I went to Anggrek Mall. Looked around for a wi-fi location to hang out. Didn't find it, then went to the movie theatre, bought ticket of Kungfu Panda.
While waiting for the movie, I went window shopping. Hey, I found this store, SKIN FOOD, on the ground floor, next to a book store. It's made in South Korea. The products are unique and the price is affordable, compare to other skin care product from South Korea too (The Face Shop).

SKIN FOOD has the concept of using vegetables and fruits for ingredients of their products.
There's chocolate body wash, aromatherapy diet lip balm, skin care contains tomato, lemon, potato, and many more. Sooooo interesting...............

Since I ran out of eye cream, I purchased honey eye cream and one frosty pink lipstick (I ran out of this color too). The lipstick has nice color and nice texture on the lips.

I tried to look for its website, found this:
I don't know if this product is available in your country, just check out the website.


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