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Saturday, July 26, 2008

A little about Yoga

Can yoga change your body?

A couple of years ago you may have associated yoga with peace-loving hippies hugging trees and chanting. Gets most of Hollywood swearing by it, though, and suddenly it’s cool. But is it really all that, and does it make a difference.

Depending on the class type, yoga can be intensely active, and moving from one pose into the next can really get your heart racing. A lot of people avoid yoga because they think it’s not a good work-out and they won’t sweat, but Ashtanga will definitely do both. It gets your heart rate up, and metabolism higher, so you’re working in a fat burning zone

Yoga works your internal system too

Because yoga incorporates a deep breathing style, you’re filling your system with oxygen, helping to rejuvenate body cells. By changing poses and generating body heat, you’re sending a fresh, continuous blood supply (oxygen) to every organ, tissue, muscle and joint in your body. “The combination of strength and breathing lengthens the muscle fibre and tissue. So, rather than having the compact muscles of a body builder, your body takes on a more streamlined appearance.

When can we see the results??

Yoga is commitment, but all it takes to make a difference is 30 minute, three or four times a week. Ki and Iyenger yoga are slower styles – you’ll notice your body becoming learner, but it can take three to six months. Ashtanga or bikram yoga is faster classes with lots of challenging poses, and if you do two or three classes a week, you’ll see results within six to eight weeks.

Yoga VS cardio work-out

Yoga works deeper into the muscle, stretching and strengthening as opposed to building them up on a surface level, therefore the body becomes toned rather than bulky. Through yoga, your body becomes more flexible, plus you have greater strength and noticeable definition. You’re not going to get bulky from yoga, because you’re only supporting your own body weight. Look at people like Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow – they’re all Ashtanga fans and have lean, defined physiques. Compare that to cardio celebs like Mel-C, and you can easily see the difference.

(Bronwyn McCahon - cosmo)

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