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Monday, July 28, 2008

Hair Care: Eat Fish For Shiny Hair!

by Jeremy Dranx

Get Enough Protein In Your Diet
Some vegetarians, people who go on crash diets that exclude protein, and those with severely abnormal eating habits, may develop protein malnutrition. When this happens, a person's body will help to save protein by shifting growing hairs into the resting phase. Massive hair shedding can occur two to three months later. Hair can then be pulled out by the roots. This condition can be reversed by eating the proper amount of protein. However, not all protein are made the same, for the best source of protein, do eat more fish!

Monthly Oily-Hair Treatment
Massage ground cucumber or watermelon (use a food processor for best results) into freshly shampooed hair and leave on your scalp for 15 minutes before rinsing. Do rinse with cold water as using hot water will just strip your hair of its moisture!

Home Remedy Hair Treatments
Rosemary Hot Oil Treatment (For Dry Hair)
1/2 cup of dried rosemary leaves
1/2 cup olive oil

Combine ingredients then heat up until warm. Strain. Coat the entire scalp and ends of hair with the oil mixture. Wrap hair in saran wrap and a towel over that, leave on for 15 minutes. Wash hair twice to remove the oil. Use this treament twice a month or when your needs a deep conditioning. Leaves your hair shiny and rehydrated for a week!

Most hair coloring products contain chemicals that can do serious harm to the hair itself if not properly used, but it wont instigate hair loss. Do remember to do an allergy test before you indulge in any new hair chemicals.

Distilled Water For Hair Wash
As tap water leaves mineral deposits on hair, it is better to use distilled water as the final rinse while washing hair. Avoid shampooing daily if you have dull hair. Alternatively, install a high power water filter at your incoming water supply. Volumizing and thickening shampoos are harmful for fine, thin hair. It is safer not to use hair accessories with metal contents. Using wooden or cellulose acetate combs instead of plastic combs is good for hair. Boar bristles hairbrush is also good for hair. Using satin pillowcase can help you prevent damage to your hair from tossing and turning. Use protein treatment once a week if your hair has damage. Most hair salons has excellent range of hair treatments which you can use to your benefits.

Maintaining Clean Scalp
The scalp and hair should be cleansed between shampoos. For this purpose the "dry shampoo" is necessary. It is actually a form of scalp massage. Preparations of orris, corn meal and other dry shampoo powders are not recommended. They stick, and it is hard to get them out of the hair. A vigorous rubbing of the scalp after the hair has been parted, using a small piece of muslin over the tip of the finger, is best. Hot and cold applications are good, with or without shampoo, especially if the hair is falling. Remember that the hair should not be "hot-air" dried, always set your hair blower to cool as hot air will just dry up your hair and make it more brittle than ever!

Get Your Vitamin Bs for Great Hair
Vitamin B is vital to healthy hair growth while Vitamin A gives the hair its shine. Vitamin E helps to make the hair thick and glossy while the mineral Zinc helps the hair grow and strengthens the hair shaft. Silicon is another mineral that forms cross-links with the keratin in the hair and copper helps decide color pigment. Lack of copper leads to gray hair. Unlike skin, hair cannot repair itself, but damaged hair is replaced with new hair. So, remember to get your daily dose of vitamin Bs, your hair will thank you for it. Take care of your body and you will have beatiful hair! Your Body is like an automation machine which runs without stop, so, take great care of your body and your hair will thank you for it!

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