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Friday, September 6, 2013

30 Days Fit Challenge

It's September already!
As I flipped back and forth my dream book of 2013, I saw many things I haven't done or executed yet. One of them is the health aspect, where I wanted to reduce my weight but also be fit. I want all my blood tests come in normal level.
I've decided to give commitment to this specific resolution.
I was on and off to go to the gym and exercise. In June 2013 I signed up for program with personal training but I wasn't consistent and didn't have regular time.

I was inspired by a fitness youtubers, Keaira Lashae, who posted a video about 30 Day Fit Challenge.
I thought, it worth doing it. Thirty days is a sufficient time, short enough for me and for everyone to do daily and get results.
Here's her video on the program. She has prepared 30 Days program complete with exercise video for each day.

I must prepare the simple tools needed for the exercise also what kind of diet or food that I need to take.

I will keep you posted on my progress and from the pictures posted you may be able to tell what has changed :)

This is it!

Look at my wet shirt. That's 30 minutes workout sweat in the morning, lol.

And here's my post work out meal: salad, apple, strawberry, lemon mint water. I bought salad at Daily Foodhall at Setiabudi One Building close to my apartment.


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