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Sunday, September 5, 2010

PAC from Martha Tilaar

PAC or Professional Artist Cosmetics is produced by Martha Tilaar, Indonesian famous brand for make up. This line of cosmetics is for stage make up or bridal make up. Maybe we can compare it as Make Up Forever  brand ? What other International brand I can compare with? Hmmm.......
You can check out the website here, but it's in Bahasa.

For me, I'd use this cosmetics for special occasions. The price is slightly higher, but still affordable :)
I purchased the basic staple of the cosmetics a year ago.
The result of wearing the set is nice, I have good coverage. The most important thing is that my skin doesn't irritate.
A sample of my look wearing the foundations and face powder is here, when I attended a colleague's wedding.

What do I have in my basic collection?

- PAC Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation No. 04
- PAC Long Wearing Two Way Cake in Light Ivory
- PAC Loose Powder No. 3
- PAC Shimmering Powder For Face, Crystal

How I apply the make up is based on above sequence.
First, apply the creamy foundation using the sponge provided with downward movement or as per direction of your face hair grow.
Then apply the Long Wearing Two Way Cake. Set with Loose Powder.
And if you want to add some glow/shimmer, apply the Shimmering Powder.
And here are the pictures
PAC Basic Staple

PAC Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation No. 04

Stuffs inside the box: refill pan & sponge

It has mirror

PAC Loose Powder

What's inside, yea I know, it's kinda nasty :(

PAC Shimmering Powder For Face in Crystal

PAC Shimmering Powder For Face, opened package

I'd like to find out if they have concealer palette and try out some blushes. Maybe will buy the liquid foundation for daily wear......


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