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Monday, August 3, 2009

My first mineral make up sample

When I bumped into a mineral make up group ad in Facebook, right away I went to the website to see products and I just ordered the samples without thinking!
There are three brands that this supplier owns (LovingMinerals.Com): Lumiere, Monave, and Everyday Minerals. I didn't have to order from original US website as this website owns by Malaysian lady (ies). Total order: RM 168, including RM 15 for shipment cost.
So Malaysia and Indonesia, they are close to each other. It took me 10 days to get the package because the package was sent using postal service. It's OK. I was so happy!

The package

Foundations, Blush On, Finishing Powder, Lip Gloss

The Eye Shadows

The Brushes. They are so smooth....

The Look, so natural. I like it.

I even gave my sister a make over ^_^


Shuu said...

oh you look natural and radiant! :D
Is that Cat's Eye in your e/s samples? So lovely! :)

Mirna said...

Hi Shuu,

Thank you. I love MMU! I found out that I'm glowing (hehe...) and although my face is still oily in the middle of the day but the make up doesn't melt. You know.... it's when you just rub the face, the make up sticks on the finger.

Yes, it's the cat's eye. And in my picture, I was wearing that color.

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