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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I tried fish spa!

I've been wanting to try fish spa. I saw one at Senayan City Mall long time ago. And somehow, my wish came true today.
I was accompanying my Malaysian boss having lunch. We were at the mall til around 3 PM. We drove her back to the hotel nearby. And I and my colleague decided to go back to the mall, spending sometime there and break our fasting at 6 PM.
So, I suggested to go to Kenko Fish Spa.
It cost IDR 120,000 for 30 minutes. I heard that's the longest time we can get fish spa treatment.
We need to wash our feet with special soap, then we can soak our feet in the pond. We are not allowed to put in our hands inside the pond. Although the fish will come an bite our hands, but since they are not washed, the fish can die.

OMG, first time I soaked my feet, the fish started coming to my feet and start biting the toes. Felt ticklish. I giggled and tried to hold myself from squeaking.

My colleague wondered why her feet didn't have many fish around, then she remembered that she's just got pedicure. Ummmphh, that means my feet were dirrrty ???? Lots of skin dead cells???

Look at them, enjoying my feet :)

Garra Rufa, are the fish in the pond who are doing this incredible job. They are unique bottom-feeding freshwater fish found living the Middle East. The mineral content and warmth of the water they live in creates a scarcity of food. It is believed that because of the limited availability of food, the Doctor Fish have developed their unusual behavior of nibbling dead skin cells from people in the water.

Benefit of fish spa:
  • Natural exfoliation of dead skin – Smoother and healthy glowing skin with easy moisturizer absorption
  • Promote blood circulation – Micro massage sensation from these ‘little masseurs’
  • Lightening of minor scars
  • Easing of psoriasis and minor eczema
  • Release stress and tension – Ticklish sensation causing perpetual laughter!
For hygienic & cleanliness:
  • Water is changed daily
  • Water is treated with 2000W Ultra Violet Sterilization – To kill virus and bacteria in water
  • Sand filter – To filter out big particles like leftover fish food, food waste, etc
  • Ozone treatment – To break liquid waste such as sweat, urea, blood, etc into oxygen and natural water form
  • PH level at neutral
  • Temperature : Controlled at approximately 30C


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