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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bridal make up test

As I'm moving toward to my wedding date, I decided to get bridal make up test with the make up artist. She's the mother of my friend's. Her name is Mrs. Dewi.
When I was at her place, we discussed about the color of the my wedding dress, how I'd like to have my head cover, and many more. I also discussed about the decoration of wedding "throne", which will be done by my friend's older sister. Yes, the family has a business related to wedding :)
So Mrs. Dewi prep my face by cleaning, toning, and apply ice cubes to my face.
She picked up neutral colors, which what I have in mind.
Here's the result (taken after few hours, when I got home, I forgot to bring my camera with me):

Wanna see me in the real thing? Click here.


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